Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Visit to Molly’s Classroom

Molly’s class followed the website as I traveled to China to get Sam. When Sam and I arrived back in the States, this is the sign that welcomed us home.IMG_8135

The class was so sweet to make this for us and it was such a meaningful gesture that I couldn’t wait to bring Sam to Molly’s class for a visit.

As soon as I made it inside the classroom, I had Molly and Sam in my lap so no pictures of the actual visit. Trust me, they were all very cute!

Molly’s classmates were so excited to meet Sam, had lots of questions and many stories to share about their own siblings. Molly beamed with pride being the big sister (now if I could just get some of the I-am-so-excited-to-be-a-big-sister attitude at home, I’d really have something!).

After the kids left, Molly, Sam and I stayed to chat with Molly’s teacher. Sam and Molly had a blast playing in the classroom.

The Kindergarten Puppet Theater proudly introduces…Molly’s Brother, Sam!IMG_7253

Wait a minute…me in the spotlight?…I’m outta here!IMG_7254

Monkey see…IMG_7255

Monkey do!IMG_7256

And just for visiting today, I’m going to throw in a little bonus material for you. It’s Christmas Party pictures!

I was so busy before I left for China that I did not get to post pictures of Molly’s Christmas, oops sorry, I mean Holiday oh heck, why an I being politically correct on my own darn blog…CHRISTMAS Party!

Ice Cream? Do I like Ice Cream?IMG_7048

Why yes, yes I do!IMG_7050

Molly and MommyIMG_7051

And if you are asking yourself if Molly is wearing the same Christmas outfit for the third consecutive year. Why, yes she is! I’m nothing if not thrifty. You may even see it next year if it still fits. I paid full price at Gymboree for that outfit. I mean nobody pays full price at Gymboree, do they? But I she wanted it that badly. She’s going to wear it until it is threadbare, by golly!

Merry Christmas Molly, Welcome Home Sam!

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