Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another Nice Day, Another Trip to the Park

Wow, two trips to the park in the middle of winter? Unheard of!

This has been a mild winter (thank the Lord!)  with only a dusting of snow once or twice. The weather has even been fairly warm. With blue skies and mild temperatures, we just couldn’t resist heading back to the park. So that means more park pictures for you!

You are so lucky.

Molly looking cute on the rocking horse.IMG_7093

Sam is defiantly a monkey-see-monkey-do kind of guy.IMG_7094

Get me going, Mom!IMG_7097

Are you having fun, Sis?IMG_7098

Why, yes! Yes I am!IMG_7099

Me too!IMG_7101

Can you tell?IMG_7105

Look at those blue skies. They are typically nonexistent in the winter here in the Midwest.IMG_7107

Big sister helping little brother to the slide.IMG_7108

The slide is Sam’s favorite.IMG_7109

Molly, despite her sibling rivalry issues, loves being a big sister to Sam.IMG_7111

Ready, Set…IMG_7114


That was fun. Let’s do it again!IMG_7118

And again, and again.IMG_7119

I took a few short videos with my camera. Unfortunately I forgot, once again, that you cannot flip the picture on a video. So twist your neck, watch the videos then call your chiropractor.

rocking horse

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