Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Sweet Little Valentines

Let me start by saying that Valentines Day is not one of my favorite holidays. It’s total Hallmark made up nonsense forced upon us so that we will go out and buy a bunch of crap that we don’t need in order to not look like a total loser to our significant other who has also been brainwashed to go out and buy a bunch of unneeded crap.

Although I do like the chocolate. But that is beside the point.

Despite my jaded view of February 14th, I do remember being a kid and loving it. Decorating the shoe box, addressing cards, receiving valentines, eating red lollipops. Ah, the memories.

Sam’s a bit young to get involved in Valentines Day, but Molly is just the right age. She had a count down going at the beginning of the month. She was excited. And who am I to squash my child’s excitement with a cold dose of reality. So let cupid loose. Let’s get this party started!

Molly making a Valentines Day card at her school party.IMG_7149

Decorating a cookie…IMG_7151

…and then eating said cookie.IMG_7153

More treats at home. I had big helium balloons for the kids, but I accidently popped one when I was bringing it in the house. Therefore neither one got a balloon because, even though I am new to the mother-of-two-kids thing, I already know that you can’t give to one without giving to the other. IMG_8407

Sam and Molly examine their treats and wonder why their Mom was such a loser and didn’t get them helium balloons.IMG_8408

Molly and Sam fake a smile and try to hide their disappointment over not getting a big helium balloon for Valentine’s Day.IMG_8409

Molly with her goodies.IMG_8413

Sam with his goodies.IMG_8414

Sam loved his cards. Because there were three. And he could line them up (see this post).IMG_8422

Molly with her cards. She’s not as linear as Sam.IMG_8424

Molly going through her Valentines from school.IMG_8426

Trying to convince me that she really needs more sugar today.IMG_8430

Looking at her favorite card.IMG_8431

Showing you, the viewers at home, what she was looking at.IMG_8432

Happy Totally Made Up Holiday Invented So That You Will Go To the Store and Be Guilted Into Buying Useless Crap Day!

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