Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Molly is Six Today!

In case you didn’t catch it in the title, here it is again:IMG_6565

Every year on Molly’s birthday, I take pictures of her throughout the day. Not just the exciting parts, but just a little bit of everything she does.

I post the multitude of pictures for those of you out there who are interested in every.little.detail. of Molly’s life (Grandma and Grandpa), but I mostly post them for Molly. This is not only her blog, but also her scrapbook.

Molly’s is having a big birthday bash on the weekend, but since here birthday fell on a weekday this year, her day was a bit routine. So don’t go to sleep.

We prepared Molly’s goody bags for her class yesterday. You see, she goes to one of those politically correct schools that  won’t allow you to bring in cupcakes for the class. Wouldn’t want to offend that kid with the gluten allergy. And since there is a possibility that one kid may not be able to have a cupcake, no one can have cupcakes *Heavy sigh* Whatever.

So instead of cupcakes I had to come up with ideas for a goody bag to hand out to the class. Luckily I am one of those mothers that thinks ahead and I got stuff for Molly’s class while I was in China.

Okay, I’m not really one of those mothers, but I did somehow manage to think of Molly’s birthday amongst all of the chaos in China. Amazing, right? I thought so, too!

Here’s a sample of what each kid got. The bubbles were actually from Wal-Mart, but I am sure they were made in China. Does that count?IMG_6570Pretty cool how the x in the word six is actually the Chinese character for six. I’m just crafty like that. Okay, you caught me again. I am not that crafty. Actually I copied it off of some site that came up when I Googled Chinese character for six.

Here’s Molly putting together her goody bags the day before her birthday.IMG_6574

And here is the pile of completed goody bags.IMG_6580

Now onto the actual Birthday day!

While I was taking a shower, Molly snuck into my bead. That was her first official six year old undertaking.IMG_7206

Next was breakfast. Molly requested French toast (crust cut off) with butter, syrup and chocolate sprinkles. She also wanted scrambled eggs, cantaloupe and milk. I stuck the candle in for kicks. IMG_7207

Sam had the same thing, but no sprinkles or candles. Candles and sprinkles are not special if everyone gets them, right?IMG_7212

Next, Molly gets her hair styled at the Chez Mom Salon and Day Spa.IMG_7221

After breakfast it was off to the bakery to pick out a cake. Molly wanted chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Sam just wanted more free samples.IMG_7225

Then it was off to the grocery store to pick out Molly’s party cake. Why didn’t I do that at the bakery? Because I’m cheap, that’s why. The bakery is oh so delicious, but kinda pricy. I am not serving 15 little rugrats a $75 cake. IMG_7228

By the time we got done with errands it was time for lunch. Molly requested a turkey and provolone sub sandwich, broccoli (okay, she didn’t request this but she did eat it), cantaloupe, and milk with a silly straw.IMG_7230

After lunch it was off to school to drop off Molly and the goody bags. She usually rides the bus so was thrilled when I told her that I would drive her in today. This is Molly’s teacher, who is awesome, by the way.IMG_7233I didn’t stick around school to take pictures of her in the classroom, although I was tempted!

Molly got off of the bus with a smile and a birthday crown.IMG_7234

Snack time…veggie chips. Who are they fooling with these things? They are potato chips. First ingredient listed on side if the bag: POTATO! Just because they add a little spinach or something, they have the nerve to call them veggie chips. Lucky for Molly, it was her birthday, so I let her eat them for snack.IMG_7236

After snack, Molly went outside to blow bubbles (from her goody bag)…IMG_7238

…and ride her bike. She was outside with Dad and I ran out to snap this picture. And yes I did make her put on a helmet when I saw her. Mom’s are just like that.IMG_7240

Sam didn’t want to be left out of the action so he rode Molly’s old scooter. We really need to man up his world. Little boys, no matter how cute, should not be riding pink and purple princess scooters. Maybe black ones with orange flames and sculls, but definitely not princesses. Just saying. IMG_7239 

For dinner, Molly selected her favorite Chinese buffet. If I was on the ball, I would have remembered to take a picture while she was actually eating. But I wasn't on the ball.IMG_7244

I was too busy making sure this guy got fed!IMG_7246

The waitress at the restaurant gave Molly a little present.IMG_7248

And then the kids posed by the Koi pond.IMG_7251

Once home, Molly got birthday wishes over the phone from grandma and grandpa.IMG_7253

Then it was time for cake!IMG_7256

Make a wish!IMG_7258

Molly and Dad enjoy cake.IMG_7264

Sam and Mom enjoy cake. Well mom didn’t so much because she was feeding Sam. He was still in arm restraints from his cleft lip surgery.IMG_7266

Molly opened presents…IMG_7270

…while Sam looked on with surprise.IMG_7273

One of the things Molly got for her birthday was a new art set. The girl can draw. And create. And write. And illustrate. This was the perfect gift.IMG_7276

Molly and Dad writing a story before bed time.IMG_7280

And finally, Molly and Sam sneak into Mom and Dad’s bed for some goodnight cuddles.IMG_7281

I love you my dear, sweet six year old! I hope your year is filled with excitement, learning, adventure and joy. You deserve it!

You bring so much love to every life you touch. We are so proud of the young lady that you are becoming.

Happy Sixth Birthday Molly!

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