Thursday, February 16, 2012

This and That

Here are some random pictures from my camera that don’t fall into any neat little category which would warrant a witty little post dedicated specifically to them.

Here’s Sam crying. I post so may of him smiling that I probably have given you the false impression that he is always happy. He is happy. A lot. But he is human and he cries. And with a mouth the size of his, its loud. Just saying.IMG_1IMG_2

Molly writing thank you notes. If you still haven’t got yours for a Christmas present you sent, don’t worry. They.will.get.written! Or my name isn’t Mother.IMG_3

Looking cute at the dentist’s office.IMG_7258

Teeth cleaning. They never gave me big fancy glasses when I was a kid.IMG_7259

Molly celebrates 100 Day at school.IMG_7260

Molly and Sam show off a Duplo block creation.IMG_7261

No, my son is not playing with a doll. He is practicing being a good father. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.IMG_7267

Reading books before bedtime.IMG_8342

They looked so cute that I had to add a few more.IMG_8343IMG_8345

Eating snack while watching Pleasant Goat and Big Bad Wolf (Chinese cartoon) on Youtube.IMG_8399

See, random. But fun!

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