Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sam’s Welcome Home Celebration

I have the best friends in the world. I really do. I love them and it breaks my heart that now that we have moved I have to drive two hours to see them.

I met this special group of moms when Molly was two. We all had adopted girls from China at about the same time. We formed a play group for the girls so that they would have friends with whom they shared a common bond. Little did we know at the time that the play group would be just as important for the moms as it was for the girls.

Over the past four years we have laughed together, supported each other, helped each other out, and occasionally went out for dinner and drinks without the kids!

This special group of women were so supported throughout our whole adoption process (as short as it was!) and couldn’t wait to welcome Sam into the circle of friendship…wow, that sounds a bit like something we would say back in the sorority days.

So, while the girls were in Mandarin class, we partied!

There was cake. Yum!IMG_8268

Oh, and this handsome guy stopped by for a visit. Well, both of these handsome guys stopped by. I am a lucky, lucky girl. Yes I am.IMG_8269

Sam, of course, helped me eat my cake.IMG_8271

And helped me open presents.IMG_8273

Showing off some of the cute little boy clothes.IMG_8276

Ooooh, a  present for me!IMG_8278

Sam models his camouflage cap.IMG_8281

And checks out his new clothes.IMG_8282
My friend Kaiyu’s daughter helped her wrap this gift. Look how cute all of the stickers look.IMG_8286

More adorable clothes!IMG_8287

Here’s a look at all of the goodies from the party.

Puzzle from Stacy and Ainsley.IMG_8296

This is the greatest invention ever. Seriously. Stacy H gave Sam this Gyro Bowl. She also gave him an outfit, PJ’s and a toy, but for some reason I can’t locate the picture (sorry Stacy!).IMG_8297

Snack cup and another Gyro Bowl (can never have too many) from Kim.IMG_8299

Alligator towel and tee shirt from Lisa. I love Sam’s little leg and arm in the picture. He was checking out the goods.IMG_8300

Puzzle, tote bag and way-too-cute outfit from Kaiyu.IMG_8304

My friend Christine had this adorable tote. I have told her many times how much I loved it. To my surprise, she got one for me! I.Love.This.Bag!IMG_8305

She filled the bag with these things for Sam…IMG_8310

and these things for Molly. Molly was thrilled!IMG_8313

The next set of pictures are not from the party, but since we are talking baby gifts I thought I throw them in.

These are from our neighbors Annie and Bob and their two boys.IMG_8314

This is from the people at Tony’s company.IMG_8315

And this spoon is from a colleague of Tony’s. IMG_8324Mike says, “Every child should be born with a silver spoon in his mouth.” This may be the only one he ever has, so we’ll go with it!

Thank you my wonderful friends. I love you dearly. Now could you just move closer to me?

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