Tuesday, February 7, 2012

If You Can’t Put It In A Line Then You Might As Well Jump!

Sam is a very linear guy. He loves to line things up. Chairs, cars, pillows, block, it doesn’t matter. If he has more than three of an object, they end up in a line.

See. Here’s proof. I’m not lying.IMG_8348

Then he usually crack out something cute… IMG_8349

…like a little wave. Hi Sam!IMG_8350

And yes, he knows he’s adorable when he does stuff like this.IMG_8355

Here’s the Pope Wave.IMG_8356

Which apparently cracks the boy up. And who would not love that smile, I ask you.IMG_8361

Now there are certain things around the house that don’t come in multiples greater than two. Can’t make those into a proper line, so what is a boy to do?

Jump!IMG_8366Or actually jump off would be the more correct term.

Yes, Sam loves him some jumping. Off.IMG_8367

And sister is always quick to join in. She’s a jumper off-er, too!IMG_8373

The sibling jump.IMG_8377

The wind in your bangs jump.IMG_8378

The hop, skip and a jump.IMG_8379

And the holding hands jump.IMG_8381

Hey these kids have talent. Maybe I’ll take them out on the road. To tour, not to leave them there for somebody else to find. If that’s what you were thinking. Because sometimes I think about that, too. But in this case, I wasn’t . Really.

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