Monday, February 13, 2012

Outsourcing: A New Concept For Me

Molly’s birthday is coming up very soon. Typically I have some big, theme based party at home that takes oodles of planning and a ton of orchestration to pull off. I pride myself on the fact that I have never held a birthday party at one of the many locations geared toward just that type of occasion.

Until this year. See, Sam’s cleft surgery is just 8 days before Molly’s birthday. The thought of giving him everything that he needs while still hosting a major event! was just a bit more than I thought that I could handle.

So I caved, took the easy way out, made the well thought out decision to hold Molly’s birthday off-site and let someone else do the planning. For a control freak like me, that is a big step. A very big step. And I am still feeling a bit like a loser a little guilty about it.

Anyhoo, a new place just opened up close to home. It looked like fun so my friend Susanne and I took the kids to check it out. The place is a big warehouse which is divided into 3 sections. Part of it is a huge playland. Think McDonalds Playland on steroids. It is a huge structure that will hold 200 kids with activities galore. Another part has a bouncy house and other inflatables reserved exclusively for parties. The third part has a café, party rooms and an interactive dance floor.

The pictures were taken with my purse camera which does not have the range needed for this place. The pictures are blurry, but you’ll get an idea of what the place is like. I’ll have to bring my big camera for the party.

Despite the fact that they have a toddler section to this place, Sam decided he needed to be with Molly and Max. Since he didn’t meet the height requirement, I had to go with him. Inside the playland. All 6'1” of me. And motherhood great?

Mommy and Sam on the giant slide.IMG_7123

Gee, that was fun. Sort of. I mean, I’m sure it is if you are like forty years younger than I am.IMG_7124

Sam was eager for another go.IMG_7126

Luckily Susanne volunteered to take him. Score!IMG_7127

Then Molly volunteered. Double score!IMG_7133IMG_7134

Max joins in on the fun.IMG_7136IMG_7137

Molly and Sam attempt the daring side-by-side slide.IMG_7138

Just so you know we didn’t spend two hours on the giant slide, here is Sam on the dance floor.IMG_7140

Bust a move!IMG_7141

Molly and Sam in the rope web.IMG_7143

Molly zipping along.IMG_7146

Max’s turn on the zip line.IMG_7147

Stay tuned for some better pictures of this fun place on Molly’s birthday. Because, ya know I’m a failure as a mother breaking out of my usual birthday routine, and outsourcing this year’s party.

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