Saturday, April 25, 2009


In not 100% sure, but I am guessing that playing with Thomas the Tank Engine while in a princess dress will get you tossed from any self-respecting Thomas fan club.

I am also hazarding a guess that there are not too many Women's Olympic Soccer Teams that have practice uniforms that look anything like this:

My daughter is an oxymoron. It is just one of the million reasons why I love her.
You go, girl!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring At Last, Spring At Last, Thank God Almighty It's Spring At Last

Last weekend we spent a little time doing spring cleaning around the yard. It didn't feel like spring, but we did it anyway. It seemed like this winter dragged on and on (and on). We didn't have a lot of snow, but did have our share of cold weather and Midwestern gray skies. Anyone who has spent more than five minutes with me knows that I loathe gray skies.

Today was a brand new day and I have to tell ya, IT FEELS LIKE SPRING! Finally. We have sunny skies and 80 glorious degree temperatures. Shorts and flips flops came out from the back of the closet and made their debut. Wha Hoo!

Molly and I spent almost the entire day outside. We did start the day indoors so that we could get matching pretty pink pedicures. A girl's toes are very important during sandal season, don't 'cha know. Once our tootsies were dry it was time to ride. You have got to love my daughter's passion for the bike. She is my kindred spirit. Love.that. girl!

Stopping to wave to all of my adoring fans (okay, it was actually the school bus).
Then ride, ride like the wind!
Molly rode all the way to our neighborhood park. This is her second passion. Last year it was all about climbing, but this year, it's all about the swing. She has a whole repertoire of swinging positions. This is one of her favorites. Can you tell?
We haven't left climbing behind...she still digs it, too.
This little step bridge was such a stretch for Molly last year, but not anymore. Funny, all of her clothes from last summer still fit perfectly*, but somehow she is big enough to do this little activity with ease. I guess she grew up, not out!
Look of sheer determination:
What is that surrounding Molly? Oh yeah, it's BLUE SKY!
Climb on, sista!
After riding home from the park, we stopped for a quick snack and then it was off to...
...another park! Uh, yea, we are excited to be outside again.
Hmmm, Evil Knieval, Jr? Gee, I hope not.
More climbing.
And finally some swinging on the rings.
Molly played, played, played until she had a...well, meltdown would be a good word for it. Lots of tears and lots of screaming. Yes, someone was very, very tired. Four hours of playing at the park can do that to a girl. At the moment, she is in her bed sound asleep. Ah, ain't Spring grand?
*Footnote: Tony thought it was great that Molly still fits into last summer's clothes. That way I won't have to go out and get her new ones this sumer. Right, like that's going to happen. Stay tuned for the summer fashion debut coming soon...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank You, Easter Bunny!

What's not to like about Easter when you are three years old? A large, furry lagomorph sneaks into your house, leaves a nifty gift basket, and then hides eggs and candy. Boatloads of candy. It's not until you are an adult that you have to worry about all that fat, cholesterol and large furry lagomorphs damaging your house.

As far as the holiday went, this year did not disappoint. Molly had a wonderful Easter, and as you will see at the end of this post, so did I!
Now, on with the show.....

Molly had a great time dying eggs. Yes, she used her hands and yes, we are still trying to scrub the dye off of them. Has anyone ever used one of those stupid wire thingies that they provide you for retrieving eggs from the dye? Yea, like those things really work.

Obligatory photo op with Mommy.
Obligatory photo op with Daddy.
A quick check to see if Molly can roll her tongue (and by the way...yes, she can!).

Molly showing off all of her hard work.

Here's a shot of the loot left by the lagomorph.
Now onto more important the chocolate! This is the exact same bunny that I used to get every year as a kid. I guess you just don't mess with a good thing.
Must. sample. chocolate.

Random cute shot.

Practicing her routine for gymnastics.

Moving on to the egg hunt...

That tricky Easter Bunny!

Daddy had to take over basket duty as the loot got too heavy for Molly to carry.
Nothing exciting about this picture except that the jelly beans are hanging in mid air. I thought that was kind of cool.

Another photo op with Daddy.

And one with Mommy.

Let's get down to business and crack these babies open! Thank you, Easter Bunny!

And the Easter Bunny left a little something for me this weekend...a brand new minivan! Woo Hoo! After driving a 2 door VW for the past 10 years, I finally have room to stretch out.

And so does Molly.

Okay, be honest. How many of you out there had to look up the word lagomorph? Yeah, I thought so.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ground Control to Major Tom

I know that I pledged to get to the point with my blog entries and then turned around and posted a few long ones. Sorry! We now return to the abbreviated blog format!
Remind me why we spend so much money on toys when kids can have this much fun with a plastic bowl?

While Molly was playing, all that kept going through my head was the song Major Tom by David Bowie…

Ground Control to Major Tom

Ground Control to Major Tom
Take your protein drink
and put your helmet on

Ground Control to Major Tom
Commencing countdown, engines on
Check ignition and may God’s love be with you

This is Ground Control to Major Tom
You’ve really made the grade
And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear
Now it’s time to leave the capsule if you dare

This is Major Tom to Ground Control
I’m stepping through the door
And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today

For here
Am I sitting in a tin can

Far above the world

Planet Earth is blue
And there’s nothing I can do

Oh, and for the record, these pictures were taken last week. Today, Molly has a sinus infection. Her mood is similar to Linda Blair in The Exorcist. You know the part where she was in full-on demonic possession mode? That's where Molly is today. I'm just waiting for her head to spin around 360 degrees. Oh yea. we are having some fun.