Monday, January 30, 2012

Tales from the Droolside

Sam loves to eat. Actually love isn’t a strong enough word. He is passionate about eating. He gets giddy with just the thought of eating. The mention of food brings giggles of delight.

In China, my travel group gave Sam the nickname of The Garbage Disposal. And it is so appropriate. He can put away a tremendous amount of groceries in pretty short order.

But the name was given only partly because of how much he eats. One look at him while he eats and you’ll understand that in addition to volume, he consumes food like a garbage disposal. He grinds away, food flying everywhere.

And with the eating, comes the drool (which is the real topic of this post). Don’t get me wrong, Sam can drool any time, any place, for any reason, but nothing gets the drool factory working overtime like eating food. Or the thought of food. Or the sight of food. Or the mention of food. You get the point.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here’s photographic evidence of the eating process. And the subsequent drooling process.

Since I don’t want to totally gross you out shock you right from the start, let’s ease into the pictures slowly. It’s kind of like getting into the pool at the shallow end.

Awww, here’s Molly feeding he brother yogurt. Luckily her hand is obscuring the view of Sam’s mouth.IMG_8239

Here are a few more cheesecake pictures of snack time.IMG_7086

Even have some sibling love going on here!IMG_7087

Now things get are getting little messy. Molly is eating a cookie like a dainty little lady. Sam is eating yogurt pretzels like a mad man.IMG_8226

Here’s a close up of the, umm, feeding process.


Peek-a-boo slobber.IMG_8229

Slobbery cuteness.IMG_8230

The Garbage Disposal in action.IMG_8232

Molly and Sam are kind of like Oscar and Felix from the Odd Couple. Anyone remember that show. Take a look at the picture above and then the one below. Which one would you cast for  Tony Randall’s part and which one for Jack Klugman’s? I think the answer is obvious.IMG_8233

I don’t want to leave you with the false impression that drool only happens at mealtime. Drool happens all.of.the.time!

Here’s the cutest little drooler that I have ever seen in all of his slobbery glory.

The single drool drop on the chin making its way to the bib below which, by the way, is soaked in drool.IMG_7246

The dual drool pool. He’s a master at his craft!IMG_7245

This little sweetie can even make drool look good. Have you ever seen such perfection?IMG_8182

My little Garbage Disposal. He’s a 10 in my book, drool and all!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog...and Sam is the most handsome & happiest boy of all. Ganbate, mommy, you are the best!