Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where to Begin?

There has been so many events and special moments during my absence on the ol’ blog. So now that I’m back, where do I begin? I could try to play catch up and post everything that happened during my hiatus, but I’m afraid that I would never quite get there. Caught up, I mean. You would log on in June and I would still be posting Christmas photos.

So I’ve decided to just jump right in. Start in the present. Or at least the not too distant past. If I ever have time to go back to some of the stuff I skipped over, I’ll let you know where to find it.

Since I am jumping right in, what better place to start than a pool party. Get it? Jump right in…pool party? Hello?


Molly was invited to her friend Tapie’s 7th birthday party. Molly has friends her age, a few who are younger, and several that are older. It’s the older ones that get to me. They are not that much older, but every time I attend a party and have to face the reality that Molly isn’t far from being that age, it still shocks me. This party was no different.

Seven years old? Really?  Molly will be there soon? I am still trying to adjust to her turning six later this month.

Tapie’s birthday was at a local YMCA. Local for the people who live in our old hometown, that is. For us it meant a road trip. I loaded the kids in the van (Wow! I have kids! Plural. More than one. Still trying to get used to that.) and headed north so that we could attend.

Molly was a bit hesitant at first. I think that she’s still trying to process all of the changes in her life. She stuck close to me for the first 30 minutes. After that, she warmed up and got into the mix. The cutting of birthday cake can have that effect.

Here’s the gang singing Happy Birthday to Tapie, who is dressed in pink, wearing the headband with the bow.IMG_8214

Molly spies the cake and tries to figure out what flavor it is. Hmmmm……IMG_8215

Let’s see…It has a layer of chocolate ice cream, a layer of vanilla ice cream and some crushed Oreos in the center. That’s different.IMG_8217

It’s good to be different!IMG_8218

Tapie opening her first card. All of her friends are seated  quietly at her feet.IMG_8219

Here is the same shot the moment that she tore off the first piece of gift wrap. Hey, where did Tapie go?

Kids are always the same at this point in the party. They all want a closer look at the presents.IMG_8220

Finally, it was time to swim. Molly, my little mermaid, loved this part of the party. The girl loves the water. IMG_8223 Makes me excited to get back to the pool this summer. That is if we can find one to join here in our new hometown.

Happy 7th Birthday Tapie! Thanks for inviting us to share in your celebration.

And yes, I know. I did not take one shot of my adorable son. What was I thinking?

Bad Mommy!

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