Monday, January 30, 2012

They’re All Over Their Overalls

Before I left for China, I went clothes shopping for Sam. I bought several pair of overalls as I was not sure of his exact size. Overalls are great because they don’t need to be an exact fit. Close enough is just fine.

Turns out that Sam really loves his overalls. Mostly because they have pockets and he loves to put his hands in his pockets. In fact he gets so excited about his overalls that he gives a little giggle when I take them out of the drawer as I am dressing him in the morning. So cute.

Molly, not wanting to be left out of anything that Sam might have, demanded asked politely if she could have some overalls as well. Now, I am not one to cave to every demand of my five year old. Quite the contrary. But when I thought of the photo opportunity that matching overalls would create, who am I to say no?

When we were near the Osh Kosh store, I actually remembered her demand request (amazing for me at my advancing age where brain cells seem to fly from my head at an alarming rate). We popped in, purchased said overalls and matching shirt for $12—what a sale!—and were out of the store in no time flat.

The very next day, my two cherubs were sporting their overalls and I was ready with my camera to catch all of the overwhelming cuteness!

Here are the overalls that started the whole matchy-matchy thing between my kids. So darn cute, isn’t he?IMG_8189

Here is the dynamic duo in their matching overalls. I am quickly finding that it is far easier to get the money shot when there is only one kid. Much more difficult to get both kids looking just right.IMG_8192

All boy meets girly-girl.IMG_8196

Close to perfect, but not quite there.IMG_8211

Love my kiddles!IMG_8209

Overall, I think the results were pretty darn adorable!

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