Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Who Says You Can’t Go Home Again?

Molly has been bugging me for quite some time to take her back to our old hometown so that she could see and visit some of her favorite places. I know, I know, we are in our old hometown every other weekend for Mandarin class, but we usually go to class, have lunch with friends then get back on the highway to return to our new hometown.

Since it’s Spring Break and we are not in some exotic, tropical  locale, I asked Molly if she wanted to take a trip down memory lane. She was thrilled at the prospect. This was totally spur of the moment so we left with no real plans, just a vague idea of what Molly wanted to do.

First stop was Molly’s old  preschool. She wanted to see her preschool teacher and the director. Both very special, loving people. Luckily it was a day where they were both in the building and had a few spare minutes to share with us. They were wonderful to Molly. They hugged her and asked her questions. They told her how grown up she is and how proud they are of her.

Now if I were any kind of a mom, I would have whipped out my camera and taken pictures. I had plenty of time, but apparently not enough brain cells. Totally spaced this out.

Our second stop was Molly’s favorite restaurant: Noodles & Company. Now we have a Noodles & Company about five minutes away from the new house and we visit often enough. But this was the Noodles at the old house so somehow that made it special.

This time I did remember that I should take a picture, but I was so busy feeding Sam and myself that I kind of lost the enthusiasm to photograph the restaurant that we have been at and taken pictures in a million times before. Know what I mean?

After lunch, Molly wanted to go to Costco (another place we have at our new home) to see Robin the check out lady. Odd request? Not really. Molly and Robin have had a love affair since the day she came home from China. Robin has pictures of Molly on the Great Wall taped to her locker. Molly has images of Robin engraved on her heart. It’s a special relationship.

Robin and Molly were thrilled to be reunited and Robin even took a break and joined us for a snack at the snack bar (because eating 10 pounds of noodles 30 minutes prior apparently didn’t fill the tanks).

I should have taken pictures of this event as well, but I had brain cell issues. Again. Getting close to fifty sucks. Just sayin’.

So as we leave Costco, Molly requested to go by the old house. I haven’t been by there since we moved and I was a bit hesitant about going. I knew the house wouldn’t look the same and I didn’t really want to give up the picture in my head of the way the house looked when we were there. But Molly wanted to go. So we did. It was just a quick drive by. Twice. Then we were off.

Molly’s last request for the day was to go to her favorite park. She was excited to share it with Sam. I have taken Molly to this park so many times that I have lost count. I warms my heart just to drive in the parking lot but this time it made me a little sad because this won’t be the park that Sam remembers as his park. Sniff Sniff.

Luckily, this time I brought the camera. And took pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

Sam and Molly swinging.IMG_7376

There is no baby swing for Sam. If sister swings on this kind of swing, so does Sam.IMG_7378

Molly on the rings.IMG_7383

Sam wanting to try the rings.IMG_7384

Molly looking oh-so-cute and happy.IMG_7386

Seesaw Sam.IMG_7388

Seesaw sister.IMG_7389

Climbing like a champ.IMG_7390

It doesn’t get any cuter than this.IMG_7393

Okay, maybe it does.IMG_7394

This is a move that Molly taught Sam. IMG_7398IMG_7399

Sam looking so grown up.IMG_7401

As we were driving home, Molly had a smile a mile wide. She said, “This is the best day ever, Mommy!”

And I guess that made it all worth while.

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