Friday, April 6, 2012

Coloring Easter Eggs

Coloring Easter Eggs…an activity that I (as an adult) hate, but my kids love. So I do it. With a smile. But I still don’t like it. I don’t really know why.

Maybe it’s the mess, or the potential for there to be dye all over clothes or furniture, or the fact that the eggs never turn out the way I expect, or the fact that I am an extreme perfectionist and control freak and there are way too many variables that need my attention. I’m probably going with the last one.

It’s not that complicated, I know. Water, dye and vinegar in a cup. Put the egg in, take the egg out. Voila. But somehow, it always seems way more tedious.

But like I said, we did it with the kids, and I recorded the event in photographs for the blog.

Hey folks! Here I am coloring eggs for the first time ever!IMG_8852

Hold on while I check out my pink one. There may be a problem.IMG_8853

Nope, all is well. No Worries. How are you doing, Sis?IMG_8854

I am just waiting for my eggs to get darker, brother.IMG_8855

Hello. Are you still here? I’m still waiting for my eggs!IMG_8856

Oh my, isn’t this exciting!IMG_8857

Molly and a very trilled Daddy wait for eggs to get to the right shade (Are you noticing a trend here…there is way too much waiting in this activity. Hmmm…maybe that’s why I don’t like it.)IMG_8858

Here’s Mom pretending thinking that this the most fun she has had in weeks.IMG_8859

Oh how egg-citing it is to wait for our eggs!IMG_8860

Finally it’s time to remove my eggs.IMG_8863

Woo hoo! Look what I did!IMG_8864

Sam is thrilled with his results.IMG_8866

Molly has waited so long for her eggs to finish that she has fallen asleep.IMG_8867

Two proud kids.IMG_8869

High five, sis!IMG_8873

Overjoyed with their results.IMG_8875

Nibbling eggs like little bunnies.IMG_8876

So there you go. Coloring eggs done for the year. Now we have another 365 days before we can do this again. Yea! Darn.

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