Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter 2012

It’s the big Easter Post! Lots of pictures, lots of fun!

Here we go:

The Easter Bunny filled the kids baskets with goodies galore.IMG_8886

Sam’s BasketIMG_8890

Molly’s BasketIMG_8891

Molly was up early, raring to go. She was downstairs in a flash. Sam was clueless. It was his first Easter. But he is always up for new things. He’s the adventure boy, so he wasn’t far behind.IMG_8892

Inspecting the loot left by EB:

Molly got another of the new girly Lego sets.IMG_8893

Sam was beyond thrilled with his new ball.IMG_8894

Molly read the book that the Easter Bunny left Sam….IMG_8900

…while Sam continued to play with his ball.IMG_8910

Sam poses with his basket.IMG_8911


DVD IMG_8913


Even though this is his first Easter, the chocolate bunny needs no explanation!IMG_8916

And of course, the big purple ball.IMG_8917Sam also got the Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham (get it, Sam I Am-heh) but Molly intercepted that before Sam could even look at it.

Molly with her Easter basket.IMG_8918

Lego FriendsIMG_8919

Bubbles (note the pose, blowing)IMG_8920

Chocolate bunny (with licking pose)IMG_8921



After the morning festivities, we ate a big ol’ holiday breakfast and played with all the new stuff.

Once it warmed up a little, it was time for an Easter Egg Hunt. Sam found the first egg. Probably because his were hidden in very easy-to-find locations.IMG_8937

Molly with her first egg. Because she is a seasoned veteran, hers were hidden in more tricky locations.IMG_8938

More searching.IMG_8940IMG_8941

Sam finished first and he patiently waited while Molly (and Mom and Dad) tried to find the last of Molly’s eggs. The Easter Bunny was so tricky that this took a while.IMG_8947

Can I get a big woo hoo for Easter!IMG_8951

Easter cuteness.IMG_8952

Mom with the kidsIMG_8955

Dad with the kidsIMG_8957

A fun, sugar-filled day for everyone. Including parents who must now explain to their children how half of their chocolate bunnies disappeared as they slept.

Happy Easter!

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Meg said...

Beautiful pictures! Sam looks amazing, by the way. I hope your lovely family is doing well!