Friday, April 20, 2012

Mr. Toothy Gets a Workout

Just eight short days after Molly lost her first tooth, tooth number two came out. And this time I wasn't the one who yanked it out. Because that really grosses me out. Just sayin’.

Here is the toothless wonder, showing off the wide space left now that she both bottom teeth are missing.IMG_8048

Just in case you wanted a better view:IMG_8049

Mr. Toothy, the Tooth Fairy pillow was once again called into action, placed carefully under Molly’s pillow.IMG_9038

Then Sam took a turn putting Mr. Toothy under Molly’s pillow.IMG_9039

Then the two of them put Mr. Toothy under Molly’s pillow together. Because apparently you can never put Mr. Toothy under the pillow too many times in one night.IMG_9040

Brother and sister cheesing it up for the camera.IMG_9042

Toothless MollyIMG_9048

Silly SamIMG_9050

And one more of Sam, just because he is so darn cute.IMG_9052

I didn’t get morning after pictures with Molly discovering the money the Tooth Fairly left because sleep was just more important. I know, bad mommy. But hey, it’s her second lost tooth not the first.

My neighbors will be glad to hear that the Tooth Fairy is feeling the pinch of the recession and only left her $1 this time. They nearly  came after me with pitchforks when the Tooth Fairy left her a five spot for her first tooth. They said I made their Tooth Fairy look cheap. Ooops! Didn’t know kids discussed Tooth Fairy finances at school. Lesson learned!

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