Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Little Family Fun

A typical Saturday morning: wake up early, drive two hours to old hometown, attend Mandarin class, play with China friends, drive two hours home to new hometown.

Today, being Saturday, one would assume we would follow the same old routine. But this Saturday was different because Grandmom and Uncle Jack are in town for Easter!

After Mandarin class, we headed over to Aunt Karen’s house (the kids Aunt Karen, my SIL Karen) for a visit with the family.

It was great to spend several hours with family relaxing, chatting, eating (having someone else feed and play with my kids). Molly loves spending time with her relatives--getting loved and feeling special. Sam, as we are quickly finding out, is always up for a good time!

Grandmom loving on her two grandbabies.IMG_7406

The family hanging on the front porch.IMG_7409

Sam drawing everyone’s attention to a passing bird.IMG_7410

Grandmom had some Easter goodies for Molly…IMG_8959

…and some for Sam!IMG_8962

It really was an enjoyable afternoon. My sister-in-law Karen is always such a gracious hostess making you feel at home, cared for and relaxed. So glad that we got to alter our usual Saturday routine today!

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