Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sprinkler Fun

Like much of the United States, we’ve had an unseasonably warm Spring. Not that I am complaining. At all. I love it.

Molly and Sam are also loving it because they are run-around-outside-until-the-stars-come-out kind of kids. They are both very physical and love to play, ride, run, jump, swing, bounce or whatever around the yard. Or the cul-de-sac. Or at the neighbor’s yard. Or the park.

Molly has been bugging me for quite some time to run through  the sprinklers. This task requires me to drag our the hose, connect the sprinkler, get two kids in swimsuits, apply sunscreen to said kids, gather beach towels and monitor the activity.

And I’m lazy.

So I put it off as long as possible by telling Molly that we couldn’t do sprinklers until the temperatures outside were over 80.

This prompted Molly to inquire about the temperature every five minutes for, oh, about a week. Yesterday it hit 81 and Molly screamed with glee. She ran upstairs and was changed into her suit in less than a minute.

Sam is the quintessential younger sibling who would follow his sister into the fires of hell if that is where she led him. He was almost as excited as she was. And he has never ran through a sprinkler before in his life.

I held true to my promise and dragged the hose out, gathered towels, slathered on sunscreen and let the kids go at it.

Molly waiting for the water to be turned on.IMG_8812

Wahoo! Sprinkler fun!IMG_8813

Hey, look what sis is doing!IMG_8816

I am gonna get me some of that action!IMG_8817

Here I go….IMG_8819

Brrrr, this is cold! I am outa here!IMG_8820

Molly is always up for a good time.IMG_8821

Taking a break to warm up.IMG_8823

Time for sprinkler #2…the wiggle worm. Hey, sis! Wait up!IMG_8825

Um, this one is just as cold as the other one. Where’s my towel?IMG_8826

Looking cute in their hooded towels.IMG_8830

Molly flapping like a butterfly. Sam jumping like a frog.IMG_8832

So beautiful.IMG_8834

So handsome.IMG_8837

I couldn’t decide which one I like best so I included this one too.IMG_8838

Oh, and this one.IMG_8840

And well, just one more for good measure!IMG_8841

Now if you’ll excuse me. I have to go roll up the hose, wash the towels, clean up the grass that was tracked into my house, and get the kids dressed.

Yep, sprinklers.

So much fun.

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