Monday, April 2, 2012

Crafty Molly

Molly loves a good project. She is finally at an age where the project is mostly her and almost none of me. Almost.

Molly got this mosaic picture frame for her birthday from her friend Max. Since it’s spring break and we have a little extra time on our hands it was a good time to break out this project and give it a whirl.

Although you could design the mosaic any way that you please, Molly chose to follow the pattern on the box, which enabled her to do the whole thing by herself. I had to read her the instructions and give a few pointers, but the work was all hers.

Look at the concentration…IMG_8802

the technique…IMG_8805

the smile!IMG_8807

Heck she could even multitask while doing this project. Here she is chatting with Uncle Jack while selecting tiles for the background.IMG_8808

Here’s a picture of the finished project. If I were a professional photographer like my sister, I wouldn't have blown out the frame with my flash and you would actually be able to see what it looked like. But I’m not, so you can’t.IMG_8810

Hey, at least I am consistent. Can’t see the frame well in this picture either. IMG_8811Oh well, trust me. It looked great. And Molly was very proud of herself, as she should be.

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