Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Problem With Having and Older Sister is…..

…that she continually dresses you up like this.IMG_4

While she dresses up like this.IMG_5Now in her defense, the pterodactyl costume is way too big for Sam, but Molly sees nothing wrong with dressing Sam up like “Samantha.”

Its wrong. Plain wrong. It’s even more wrong that he rides a pink princess scooter and builds with pretty pastel blocks. But that’s what happens when all you have is an older sister.

I really need to man up his world. Seriously. I’m thinking he needs a basketball hoop, some toy guns (sorry to the PC crowd) and Tonka trucks. Tutus do not scream testosterone. Sculls and crossbones do.

Somehow Sam doesn’t mind doing whatever Molly tells him. He loves his big sister and wants to do everything she does. For instance here is Molly teaching Sam to jump off the recliner.IMG_1

Sam takes a turn while the protective big sister stands ready to catch.IMG_2

Sam on a solo flight. In a tutu. IMG_3

Finally a little celebratory dance.IMG_6 I’m off to the toy store and hopefully Sam will never appear like this on my blog again!

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