Wednesday, May 5, 2010

This, That and the Other Thing

I’ve been on a kind of forced hiatus as of late.

As sad as I was about the whole thing, it was time for Molly to give up her daily nap…and time for me to give up my sanity peace and quiet time (sniff sniff). We still haven’t found our no-nap groove. As a result, bloggy hiatus. And boy, am I behind.

I have at least 5 posts to catch up on so these are going to be short on prose and long on photos.

You can stop your cheering. I can hear you from here. You know you entertained by my razor sharp wit as I opine at length about absolutely nothing.

Here’s some of what we’ve been up to lately…A little of this, a little of that and a little of the other thing.


We had a couple of cool rainy days so Molly and her friend Mattie enjoyed some time playing at the indoor playground.IMG_1729

Molly shows off her gymnastics skills, which she will readily do for you without you even having to ask.IMG_1754

Molly can’t wait to see what Mattie has cooking!IMG_1762


Because you can never have too much time with your good friends, Mattie and Molly headed to the zoo the next day.

For weeks, Molly has been eying an okapi stuffed animal in the zoo gift shop . She finally decided to use her own money saved from Chinese New Year to buy him.

And if you are wondering, “What the heck is an okapi?” here is Molly with her stuffed okapi and the real okapi.IMG_1766

Oh yes, it was okapi heaven. Molly was thrilled beyond words.IMG_1767

And you always have to sneak in the gratuitous cute pic when you can. I mean does it get any more adorable than this?IMG_1775


Another session of gymnastics draws to a close. Time for the ribbon ceremony.


Molly just loves Miss Amy. You can tell because Molly never.shuts.up. during class. She talks poor Miss Amy’s ear off.

And to think that Molly was once in speech therapy because she wasn’t talking. I kind of miss those days forgot about that.

Stay tuned for much, much more….

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