Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Am There! I Am Finally There!

Where, you ask?

Remember back to your childhood. You know, that time when your parents made you do housework while they sat around (they probably weren’t sitting around, but that’s what if felt like when you were little), and you mumbled under your breath, “I can’t wait until I have kids cuz I am going to make them do all the work, while I sit around doing nothing.”

Well, I am there. I am finally there!

There was a pile of rags in the dryer and I had tossed them on the sofa. I was busy doing something of extreme importance--I swear--so I asked Molly to do me a favor and fold the rags.

And just look at what she did:IMG_3900

Check out the technique:IMG_3901

I mean, does it get any better than this?IMG_3902

She was even proud of herself when she got done!IMG_3904

I don’t know how long it will take until she catches on to the fact that this in actually not all that fun, but until then, I am going to milk it for all that it is worth. Oh, yes I am.

Even better than this little trick, is when I pull a Cinderella on her. I put my on best evil stepmother voice, and shout, “Cinderella, is your room clean? Go clean your room and don’t come out until you are finished!”

She is so thrilled to be playing Cinderella that she will actually spend a good hour cleaning said room. And I do mean cleaning. Bed made, furniture dusted, dirty clothes in the hamper, toys all put away where.they.belong!

I have to admit she is a bit of a neat freak so this isn’t a stretch for her but this evil stepmother is wringing her hands and giving an evil cackle as she thinks of other ways to use this to her advantage.

And look. She is none the wiser…yet!IMG_3896

Speaking of making my life easier…bath time got a whole lot easier ever since we discovered a new use for our front loading washing machine:IMG_2171 Before you call Children’s Services on us…THIS IS ONLY A JOKE. We have never done this again, after the first time. Never Ever.

In other happening this week, Molly continues to stun and amaze me on the playground. This time she showed me this new little trick:IMG_2177 IMG_2178 IMG_2172Not really so amazing at first glance. She slid down the fire pole last year. But this year she is not sliding down. Scroll back and look.

She is climbing up! Go, Molly!

And she performs these amazing feats in a polka dot dress--that pulls out like a princess—and sandals. You go, girl!IMG_2173

And here’s another cute pic just for you, Mom and Dad. For the rest of you, I know it is not all that different from the one above, but to them it’s night and day.IMG_2174

And just one last gratuitous cute shot of Molly and the girls.IMG_2169

Love those girls!

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Can she come to my house and fold clothes?