Saturday, May 8, 2010

Field Trip to the….

Zoo. Yes the zoo. Again.

Molly’s preschool took a trip to the zoo. Imagine Molly’s excitement when I told her. You are going to have to imagine because well, the thrill is gone when it comes to the zoo. I mean she still likes it, but after your 200th visit the excitement factor is gone (much like viewing your 200th zoo post).

Not much to tell. We arrived, we view wild animals held in captivity and we went home. There was an occasional stop to play on an animal sculpture. Yipee!

Class PhotoIMG_1835

Seeing the tiger this close is a treat. A couple inches of plexiglass is all that keeps Molly from becoming an appetizer.IMG_1847

Playing on the brass sculpture can be more fun than seeing the real thing, if you are a four-year-old.IMG_1863

  Snack TimeIMG_1865

Molly can spend hours playing with this boat. It’s just another thing that only four-year-old understands. IMG_1871

How many kids can you fit on a big fake flower? Apparently only five because poor Jo-Jo has been cast off to the side.IMG_1873

Molly and the Chinese Lion (I think).IMG_1874

Caged AnimalsIMG_1881

You know that Mia is a special friend because she is holding Molly’s okapi and Molly is not screaming the scream that only the animals can hear.IMG_1885

Bye zoo. See you soon. Very soon. Like in two days soon. 

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