Thursday, May 13, 2010

Touch A Truck

I have to admit that when I saw the signs go up around town advertising Touch-A-Truck, I thought: boy thing. I dismissed any relevance it had to my life because I have a daughter, not a son.

So how did we end up at this event? Well, my friend Stacy and I were in charge of planning playgroup this month. Another friend, Lisa, suggested Touch-A-Truck so I gave it a little looksee. It ended up to be very cool.

Basically, the city fills a park with all sorts of service vehicles (and those from local retailers), open the doors and let the kids explore them. How fun is that for a four-year-old who sees these vehicles on the streets each day.

When we arrived, we stood in line to get freebees (yeah!) then headed out to check out the trucks.

Molly has had a school bus obsession for years. She likes to see if they have boy drivers or girl drivers. She talks about when she is a school girl and can ride in them. She wants to go touch them in parking lots. But she has never got to go inside one. Until now.

I practically had to pry her out of the drivers seat. She would have drove the bus—and honked the horn--all day long if i would have let her.IMG_2073

But there were other things to see, so off the bus she went.IMG_2075

Next stop: The Police Car. No, she was not allowed to use the siren. Good thing.IMG_2072

  The girls were so excited that a pink limousine was there. Limos are always cool, but paint one pink and you have a little diva’s dream car.IMG_2076

  Another stop inside a fire engine—no sirens there either. Phew!IMG_2077

In addition to the trucks, there were all kinds of mascots dressed up in costumes.

Molly has begged for us to take her to Disneyworld. Our excuse has always been that she would be too scared to see all of the Disney characters, which are a part of the whole experience.

Why bother going to Disney if you are not going to hug Mickey, right?


I guess we are out of excuses…IMG_2082

And one more… IMG_2088 A trip to Florida may be in our future.

Our little group pretty much outlasted the event. We were still there playing long after the trucks, and the people, left. Hey our girls just want to have fun.IMG_2092And they did.

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