Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother’s Day, It Never Gets Old

When you wait as long as I did to become a mother, you never let a day pass without appreciating the fact that you are indeed, a mother. And that you have been blessed with the most magnificent gift.

Even if that gift throws tantrums. Or refuses to eat dinner. Or tells you that she doesn’t want to be around you. Because you know that those things are part of being a mother.

And you know that with the bad, you also get the good. The way that she smells after a bath. The belly-laughs that make you feel happy just by hearing them. The kisses and cuddles that melt your heart.

It’s nice that that Hallmark (or whoever it was) established Mother’s Day to honor mothers but honestly, I am the one that is honored. I am honored because I get to be Molly’s mom.


At school, they celebrated the day by hosting a Mother’s Tea. Molly was so proud to have me there (I hope she always feels that way, but I am a realist--I know the teenage years are coming). IMG_2030

I even got to be a fill-in mom for this little cutie until her mother arrived.IMG_2035

I got handmade gifts. Love that!IMG_2043

And I also got one of those melt-your-heart hugs. See how lucky I am?IMG_2048

The fun did not stop there. On Sunday I got more gifts. Gee what could it be?IMG_2104

A frying pan? Yes, I am a lucky mom! And just so you know, I have wanted this pancake griddle for quite some time. I just never got around to shop for it.IMG_2105

I also got a gift certificate for a pedicure. At the spa. That doesn’t allow children. Woo hoo! Even the best mother needs some time for herself. Not that I am claiming to be the best mom, because I’m not. But I try.IMG_2106 I think that my wee one may have had some help with these gifts. Thanks,Tony. And thank you for spending Mother’s Day weekend working nonstop installing the hardwood floors. You are all done and they look awesome (just like you)!

Finally, thank you Molly, for being the sweet, stubborn, loveable, exhausting, most perfect daughter in the world. I love you.

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