Friday, May 7, 2010

It’s Not About the Bike

Molly has a brand new, shiny bicycle. A princess bicycle. A pink princess bicycle. Can life get any better? Not for her.

For me, it’s a different story. The arrival of the new bike necessitates the departure of the trusty old tricycle. The retro  red radio flyer tricycle.

But its not about the bike. Or the tricycle. Its about time marching on and my baby growing up. The tricycle was a symbol of Molly’s toddlerhood. The bicycle is a symbol of her childhood. I don’t think that I am ready to go there yet.

Unfortunately that decision is not mine to make. Molly has entered childhood--riding a pink princess bike--and I am being dragged behind her kicking and screaming.

Before I could part ways with the tricycle, I had to see Molly ride it just one more time (sigh). She willingly agreed. I think that she knew how important it was because she actually humored me by striking all kinds of cute poses.

Welcome to My Final Ride!IMG_1787

Here I am from the front.IMG_1788

And here I am from the back.IMG_1789

  Here I am from the front again. Please excuse my mother’s redundancy. She’s having a moment.IMG_1791

  This is me saying my final farewell to Old Red.IMG_1805

A kiss for luck and load the old girl into the van.IMG_1811

Delivering my tricycle to its new owner…  IMG_1892  Mattie!IMG_1893Showing Mattie how everything works before I turn her over for good. IMG_1895

I am now officially a big kid! Someone please pass my mom a tissue.IMG_1897

Goodbye Old Red. Goodbye Toddlerhood. I will miss you both.

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