Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Azaleas Through the Years

Each year our azaleas welcome spring with an explosion of white blooms. And each year I drag take Molly outside and force ask her to take pictures in the garden to capture the splendid beauty (both Molly’s and the azalea's).

Here is the four year journey of Molly and the Azaleas, Through the Years.  Cue the music.

An wonderful one-year-old:IMG_1


A terrific two-year-old:IMG_4 IMG_3

A befuddled three-year-old:

“Hey mom, where are the azalea blooms? We always take a picture when the azaleas are blooming. These are just plain old bushes!”IMG_5 Yeah, about that. Ummm, guess I kind of forgot. How ‘bout standing in front of the hydrangea instead?  IMG_6

Back on track with a fabulous four-year-old:IMG_9 IMG_8 See you again next year, azaleas. I’ll have my camera ready.

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Stacy said...

Adorable! I love how you've taken them every year! How cute was she when little? I've only known her big!