Tuesday, June 1, 2010

School is Done….Summer Fun!

Here's the School is Done part:

Hard to believe that I took this picture nine months ago. It was September and my little baby was starting her very first day of preschool. I had no clue just how wonderful these two women standing with Molly were.IMG_2347

Now it’s June and my grown up girl is a preschool veteran. And I know without a doubt that these two women are angels on Earth.IMG_2337

Molly had such a fantastic year. She absolutely loved her teachers, loved learning and loved making new friends. And to think that I was worried that she might not ever come unvelcroed from my side and that I would have to attend college with her!

Here are pictures of some end-of-the-year activities at school.

Playing gamesIMG_2276

Waiting with her class, not NEEDING to be the first one in line (but wishing she was—of that, I am sure!). This school thing has been great for teaching Molly some of the social graces.IMG_2280

Eating popsicles with Abby.IMG_2286

Blowing bubbles with blue lips.IMG_2300

I was fine with all of the fun, but then that darn preschool had to go and get all emotional on me.

They whipped out the slide show filled with memories of the year. Nice. This was the last slide:IMG_2311Yes, the tears flowed with this one. The very best thing about Molly’s school is how much love, caring and concern they showered upon my girl her each and every day.

And if that wasn’t enough to make me all misty, all of the kids got an individual recognition and achievement certificates.IMG_2320

And the final class picture ended the tear-fest. IMG_2327

  Well, okay. I did get a bit welled-up when saying goodbye to Mrs. Riley, the school’s director.IMG_2334 She is one of those special people that makes you feel warm and fuzzy each time you see them.

Now onto the Summer Fun part:

Here is how Molly spends most of her day:

She is head over heels for gymnastics and will continue classes throughout the summer.IMG_2206

IMG_2207 IMG_2209

Molly is obsessed with doing a perfect cartwheel.  She will practice this stunt hundreds (no joke) of times a day. I know this because I must watch each and every one and critique them for her. This is not me being a pushy gymnastics mom.

Oh no, she demands requests it each.and.every.time. And did I mention that she practices this stunt hundreds of times each day.

Another kick off to summer was a photo shoot. Molly is going to be a calendar girl!

She (and several of her friends—see below) are going to grace the cover our local Families With Children From China 2011Calendar!

My talented friend Michelle took the official calendar photograph, which is cute, cute, cute! I’ll keep that a surprise for all of you who are getting calendars for Christmas.

But all of us Mamarazzi had cameras readied to catch some of the action in-between takes.IMG_2182IMG_2202IMG_2186    We have lots more to do this summer, so check back often for more summer blogs.

Coming soon to a blog near you…Molly’s summer clothing collection.

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