Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Big Colorado Vacation Post

Big, because there are lots of pictures. Lots and lots of pictures!

Over Memorial Day weekend, Molly and I headed out for our annual pilgrimage vacation to Colorado. Lots of time with family, lots of time with friends, lots of activities, very little free time.

Surprisingly, I found myself at various events without a camera. As a result, I don’t have pictures of everything we did. *gasp*

No worries, I will just fill in the voids with the extra pictures of the events where I did have a camera (and took plenty of pictures). That should keep my Mom and Dad happy.

We started the big vaca with a trip to the splash park on Memorial Day.IMG_2363

After a little splash, Molly put on clothes and headed to the park.IMG_2378

But wait, she wasn’t done yet! Later that day, we went to a BBQ. Molly loved hanging out with the kids on this trip. Never mind that the kids were often 10-15 years older than her!IMG_2384

Another highlight of the trip was a visit to Heritage Square. This is a place I visited as a kid, but now they added amusement park rides.

Here we are making our plan of attack for the afternoon.IMG_2385

Most of the rides were pint-sized. Molly was big enough to ride them, but not big enough to ride them alone. So that meant that I got to accompany her on almost every one.


Here’s the Scrambler…IMG_2387

and the paddle boats…IMG_2391

and the tea cups…IMG_2407

and the flying banana ride.IMG_2419

Wait, the fun is not over yet. We still had to ride the alpine slide…IMG_2428

        and the roller coaster.IMG_2445Remember how I said the rides were pint-sized?  Here’s the evidence. Check out how much room I have for my knees. We road this torture device ride four times.

My daughter is a true adrenalin junky. She loved all of the rides, and the more they spun, the more she loved them. Me, not so much anymore. I was sick to my stomach before we left the park. Seriously.

Luckily, before dinner my stomach settled down. I say luckily because we met my parents at the Elephant Bar for dinner. And they were paying. I’d hate to miss a free meal.

Molly loved this elephant in the restaurant so much that everyone had to pose for a picture with her and the elephant. Here’s Ryan…IMG_2453and Grandma and Grandpa…  IMG_2455and Aunt Shell.IMG_2456

We spent lots of time with Molly’s Dongguan cribmate, Luke. Here’s a sneak peak picture. You’ll get an entire Luke and Molly post soon. But suffice to say, there was cuteness o’plenty!IMG_2487

Molly never missed an opportunity to pose like a princess.IMG_2516


And she wanted her picture taken with everyone (who was awake) on the day we left. Here’s Uncle Jeff…IMG_2598 and Aunt Shell…IMG_2602 and cousin Stephanie…IMG_2603and Grandma….IMG_2599and Grandpa.IMG_2604

One the way home we changed planes in Minneapolis. Molly was so excited to see Daddy that she was jumping for joy in the airport.

She made me take a picture with my phone and send it to Daddy so he could see how excited she was. I don’t know what it is about this age, but Molly wants pictures of everything.IMG_2607

Including this Coyote pup statue at the airport!IMG_2609

Eleven days of fun, fun, fun.

Molly slept 13 straight hours for the first 4 nights we got home. Do ya think she had a good time?

I think so, too!

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