Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank God Almighty, She's Free at Last!

Adenoid-Free, that is.

The day that Molly was placed in our arms, she had a sinus infection. A nasty, slimy-green-snot-running-out-of-her-nose sinus infection. And for the past three years we have battled the sinus infections. By battled I mean she has had at least 6 infections a year and each one took a three week course of antibiotics to cure. That's a boatload of antibiotics, folks.

Periodically, the pediatrician ordered x-rays of Molly's head to verify his sinus infection diagnoses. And each time he was correct. He said they were caused by her monstrous adenoids.

"Should we take them out?" I inquired. But it was explained to me that adenoids don't grow but heads do. She might actually grow into those adenoids. Kinda like growing into a pair of pants, I guess.

Now, I love my pediatrician, and respect his opinion. Still do. But with the last sinus infection, I had enough of waiting for Molly's head to grow. I asked for, and received a referral for an ENT.

The ENT took one look at Molly's X-rays and asked when we could schedule her surgery. "Won't her head grow?" I asked. "Might she grow into her adenoids?"

He looked me square in the eye and said, "She will NEVER grow into these adenoids. Ever."

Alrighty then, surgery it is.

****A moment to fill it the back story before I give you all the pictures.****

Molly was not digging the ENT doc. As soon as he reached over to examine Molly, she began to scream. It was the scream of death. The scream that makes your ears bleed. She continued to scream for the next half hour. No joke. The doctor actually had to call me at home later that night to discuss the surgery, because we couldn't hear each other over the screaming. Seriously.

****Back to your regularly scheduled blog.****

When we arrived at the surgery center on the adenoidectomy day, the staff had the happy juice ready. We weren't there five minutes before a sedative was administered. Praise. The. Lord! It is wrong to look forward to having your child sedated? Just saying.

Here's the play by play:

"Hey, this sedative stuff ain't bad."
"This place is getting better each passing minute."
"Just my adenoids?
Heck you can take my tonsils, too.
Why not get the appendix
and anything else I don't need
while you are at it, Doc.
I'm just sooo happy to be here."
Do they sell this stuff by the gallon? Seriously.

Another question from the "Is is Wrong" file. Is it wrong to look forward to the free time you'll have while your child is being operated on? I mean it's not like she is having a heart transplant. This was minor, minor, minor surgery. Really.

I was kinda looking forward to some time to catch up on my reading during Molly's surgery. But before I could unpack my books and get comfy, the nurse was calling us back to talk to the surgeon. Ten minutes. I only got ten stinkin' minutes. I guess it serves me right.

Anyway, the doc told us 90% of Molly's sinus cavities were blocked by her adenoids.  90%?!!  Good Golly, it's a wonder the kid could even breathe.

Still groggy, but not screaming.
Managing to crack a smile.

The doctor told Molly that she had to rest for three days. I even bought her a Snow White DVD to watch. Oh Yes, I did! See, even this anti-TV mom has a soft spot.

But my princess-obsessed daughter was feeling way too good to sit around watching a movie. She wanted to ride her bike to the park. For the record we didn't let her do that.

Until day 2.

Here's Molly 3 hours after surgery.

Cavity Free, too!

A week after Molly's surgery she visited the dentist for the very first time. She was checked out and declared cavity-free.

Sorry, no pictures. I was pulling out my dog-and-pony show in an attempt to minimize the trauma (see screaming kid at the ENT, if your short term memory is failing).

No tears at the dentist and Molly got a kickin' Snow White toothbrush, to boot.

Allergy Free...well, not so much.

But I did get the very first dandelion
bouquet from my daughter.
That's totally worth the watery eyes and sneezing.

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