Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Matthew and Molly

I met my friend Peipei and her son Matthew at the park on a misty fall day. There were only 6 people there, including us, and the number quickly dwindled down to four when one mother and child gave up and headed for someplace drier.

So that left four of us: Me and Molly and Peipei and her son. I think she asked the first question: "How old is your daughter?" I told her that Molly was a year and a half. I returned the question and found that her Matthew was the same age. So we had something in common.

Then she asked me is Molly was Chinese. I said that she was from Guangdong. She told me that she was originally from Beijing, although she had lived in the US for several years. So we shared something else in common.

That was the beginning of our friendship. We met at the same park on several more occasions and as time went on, expanded to other parks, museums, and libraries. We just sort of clicked. Our kids liked playing together and it was great having someone to hang out with everyday. And we did hang out everyday, or almost everyday.

We celebrated our kids' birthdays, played at each other's homes, talked about children, husbands, ourselves. For the next year our friendship grew. And then it happened.

She told me that they were moving. Can you believe that? She had the nerve to put her kids, her husband and herself before my needs. I needed her. She was my best friend. And now she was moving. To Washington. State. Other end side of the world country.

It took me a while to get over. A long while. But we had phone calls and email; An inadequate replacement for daily interaction, but better than nothing.

Until now. Peipei and her family came into town for a quick visit. Fortunately, Molly and I were able to meet up with Peipei and Matthew for an afternoon at the zoo. It was so wonderful to be able to spend time with them in person.

The kids didn't remember each other and they were hesitant to engage for the first few minutes.

"Who is that kid and why
does he have a sticker on is head?"
"I'll sit for a picture but I don't have to like it."
Getting to know each other all over again.
Obligatory merry-go-round pic.
This is the view Peipei and I saw most of the day.
The kids enjoyed seeing all of the animals.
Matthew acting like a gorilla in the gorilla house.
Apparently Molly thinks he is acting like a dog
and is patting his head. Good boy!
Princess pose in the gorilla house.
Matthew, who has no sisters, seems oblivious.
I miss this cute face!
"Hey, ya know what?"
"You're kinda fun!"
Molly, Matthew and Peipei
 check out a digital picture.
Can't explain it, but this picture
gives me a warm fuzzy.
Reminds me of the good ol' days, I guess.
Bonding over Dippin' Dots.
Molly still princess posing,
Matthew still oblivious...
but having a great time together.
The day went by waaaaaay too fast.
I already miss them...
all over again.

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