Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father’s Day

Another Father’s Day, another stepping stone for the garden.

Several years ago we started a tradition of making Daddy a stepping stone for Father’s Day. I love this idea for a number or reasons.

  • Molly gets to participate in making Daddy’s gift.
  • Each year we select meaningful reminders of the year to place into the stone.
  • The stones add such a lovely personal touch to the garden, which we can enjoy year-round (except when they are covered in snow!).
  • We have a record of Molly’s hand print and can see how much she has grown each year.
  • I don’t have to think of a new, original, heart-felt gift each year!!!!

Here is Molly in the process of making this year’s stone:

Molly is really into dinosaurs. This is also one of Daddy’s passions, so it was a no-brainer to figure out what we were going to include in the stone.

Molly selected and carefully placed a plastic dinosaur at each corner of the stone. She picked an Ankylosaurus, Velociraptor, Hadrosaurus and Spinosaurus.

The reason for these particular dinosaurs was so meaningful: They were all duplicates in the set. She quickly figured out that she could give these up and still have the most variety left for herself. So thoughtful, my girl.IMG_6343

After the dinos were in place, Molly lined the edges with glass beads. This is the first year that she was concerned that the beads followed a set pattern of colors. Showing off her pre-math skills, my big girl is!IMG_6348

Final step: Handprint!IMG_6351

The stepping stone is done!IMG_6354

The completed project now needed to cure.IMG_6355

Molly was so excited to give the stone to her Dad, but heck, it was only Monday. She had to wait another 6 days to give it to him. That is a loooooong time for a little kid to have to wait. And keep it a secret. But she did.

Finally Father’s Day arrived and the gift could be revealed. As you can see, we showed great care in our wrapping.IMG_6357

A big smooch before the unveiling.IMG_6360

And then the moment finally arrived.IMG_6361

Molly and her Daddy showing off the stepping stone.IMG_6365

Placing it in the garden.IMG_6370

The full set of stepping stones.IMG_6371

A close up of this year’s project.IMG_6376

And here is a special little someone who will be celebrating Father’s Day with his very own Daddy next year!4 (2)

One last person that I must include in this post: My Daddy!

And yes, even at 47 years old, I still call him Daddy.IMG_4181

To Molly his is simply Grandpa, and she loves him madly!IMG_4180

Happy Father’s Day to these two very special men.

We love you both so much!

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