Sunday, June 12, 2011

Moving On Up…

In my last blog post I said that I had some good excuses for neglecting my poor little blog. I just didn’t tell you what the excuses were. I did give a little picture clue, though:IMG_35

Did you guess my lack-of-blogging excuse?

Yep, we’re moving!

Early in May, Tony was offered a new job. It’s an incredible opportunity for him, and in this economy we feel very fortunate that something of this caliber was pretty much dropped in our laps. He eagerly accepted the job, and gave his notice to his current employer. However, the new job is located in another city a couple of hours south of where we live. So we’re moving.

Let the packing begin! Ugh.

We have lived in our current home for 11 years. That’s long enough to accumulate quite a bit of, ummm, for lack of a better word…crap. Because of this I have spent the past month decrapifying our home. We have taken truck loads of crap to the dump, some stuff that is less crappy to the Goodwill and moved the best of the crap into storage.

That has left us with a nice, crap-free home to show the public. Seriously, 50% of our belonging are out of our house. And you know what? I don’t miss them one bit.

It is so nice to open cupboards and closets and not have things falling out of them. It is wonderful to be able to walk through the house and not have to maneuver around extra furniture. So I say nothing is coming back when we move into our new home. All that stuff in storage can stay stored. Don’t want it anymore. Buh-bye.

As I was packing,I began to notice a redundancy in certain items. You know, multiples of the same darn thing. Now I am not blaming anyone for this, per se, but most of these items were not mine, if you know what I am saying.

I cleaned off the workbench and found 8 tape measures. EIGHT! On one workbench. That measures maybe 3’ x 6’. I know the size of the workbench because I measured it with one of the tape measures. When I brought up this fact it was defended by the remark, “Well, one of them is broken. And that one over there was given to me.” Insert eye-roll here.

This redundancy occurred in many rooms throughout the house with various items. In my frustration, I began to compile a list of things that can no longer be purchased and brought into the house. Ever. Here is a just part of that list:

  • tape measures
  • post-it notes
  • clamp style paper fasteners
  • complimentary hotel soap, shampoo, conditioner
  • chap stick
  • sharpies
  • pens
  • extension cords
  • surge protector power strips
  • flash lights
  • back scratchers
  • sunglasses
  • books (we have a Kindle now, so no more actual books!)
  • letter openers
  • knives
  • shoe horns
  • garden tools
  • hand tools
  • wood working tools
  • Ah heck, tools in general!!!!

Now I am sure that my better half, who I love with every fiber of my being—seriously, has his own lists of my redundant crap. But he doesn’t have a blog. Lucky me!

Anyway, the house looks great and has a bright and shiny For Sale sign in the front yard. Now, somebody please buy it so we can move to a new home. And start collecting new crap.

Oh, in my original post I said I had excuses for my lack of blogging. Moving is only one excuse. I have an even better one than that. But your going to have to wait a day or two for the reveal! Check back because it’s a really, really good excuse. Promise.

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