Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Block Party

The good thing about having a kid that is not yet a fluent reader is that they can be pretty clueless to the world around them. They are limited to what they can see, and are dependent on others to tell them what thing say. So situations can easily be manipulated to have the outcome that you, as the responsible adult, want them to have.

I took full advantage of this when the big, colorful signs went up around the neighborhood. They advertised that a local radio station was sponsoring a Block Party, and covering it live on the radio.

I knew that it would be right up Molly’s alley, but not so much mine. Inflatables, games, hot dogs, junk food, guys dressed up in funny suits, crowds. So when Molly asked what the signs said, I lied embellished and told her that they were simply advertising for a radio station. I mean it was partially true, right?

And all would have been perfectly fine had we just stayed at home tonight. But no, being the good mother that I am, I had to take Molly to the pool. I had completely forgot about the Block Party.

Wouldn’t you know it, we drove right past the park where the Block Party was going to be held. They were in the process of setting up and inflatables were already inflated. Grills were already grilling. Guy were already putting on funny suits.

Now I was stuck. I could make up an even bigger lie embellishment to cover my first one, or I could fess us and tell the truth. I picked the latter. I told Molly about the party and she was thrilled. So we went to the pool for an hour and then ran right home so that we could attend the party.

As expected, Molly had a great time. Me? Well I guess I enjoyed seeing Molly have a great time. So it wasn’t all bad.

Molly in the bouncy house!IMG_3654

Molly sliding down another inflatable attraction!IMG_3652

Molly posing with guys in funny suits!IMG_3648



And the best part of the night…junk food!IMG_3649

Molly’s dinner consisted of an ice cream sandwich, a bag of chips and french fries. I can hear the audible gasp from all of my friends and family. I am the mother that makes her kid eat well-balanced meals. I strictly limit junk food and never go to fast food restaurants. But tonight Molly got lucky, and she thought it was the best night of her life.

I guess it wasn’t that bad of a way to kick off our summer. Even if the guys in the suits did creep me out a little bit. Especially the hamster.

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