Saturday, June 18, 2011

Molly Was Just Like A Kid In A Candy Store

Wait, she wasn’t LIKE a kid in a candy store, she WAS a kid in a candy store. For a birthday party!

How great of an idea is that? A  kid’s birthday party in a candy store. Genius, I say! It ain’t gonna get any better than that. Seriously.

Molly’s friend Alex turned 6!IMG_3720

And all of Alex’s (and Molly’s!) friends were there to celebrate her special day.

Mia was there…IMG_3679

And so was Avery!IMG_3722

The kids participated in many activities like a candy scavenger hunt….IMG_3687

…and a gumball and spoon relay.IMG_3693

They painted pictures of a candy shop.IMG_3694IMG_3696

Each girls filled her very own pixie stix style candy straw…IMG_3699

…and decorated her very own cupcake with candy.IMG_3705

Then it was time to sing to the birthday girl.IMG_3707

Molly and Mia posed with their matching cupcakes.IMG_3708

Time to dig in! The candy store had ice cream so each guest got to pick their favorite flavor.

Of course Molly picked chocolate.IMG_3709Yum!IMG_3711

And no party would be complete with out the group picture! Are these kids cute, or what?IMG_3715Happy Birthday Alex! Your party was SWEET!

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