Friday, June 3, 2011

My Little Fashionista

Let me start out by saying, I was never a girly-girl when I was growing up. Never. Tomboy would be a much better descriptor. I liked sports and playing at the creek. I would take shorts over dresses any day of the week. I kept my hair short and easy to style. I simply didn’t want to fuss over what I looked like. I wanted to play.

So my question is, how did I get such a girly-girl? Molly wants to wear a dress She measures the dresses in her closet each morning to see which one will pull out the most, which ensures it’s spinability when she twirls.

Don’t even get me started with the hair. She wants it as long as possible and almost cries at the thought of a little trim to even up the ends. Each day she decides on a hairdo and selects hair pretties to match her outfit.

At five years old.

I shudder to think where this is going when she gets older.

I probably do feed the monster. There are such cute clothes for little girls and I do love to shop for her. So I may be partly to blame. Partly. The rest is in her DNA. She is just a girly-girl.

Each season I post pictures of her new clothes. This is mostly an attempt to have a visual keepsake.That way it is easier to give the clothes away when they don’t fit anymore. Good idea in concept, but I still struggle each time I have to put something I loved seeing Molly wear into the Goodwill bag.

This season’s selections ran the gamut in terms of where they came from. Hannah Anderson, Target, Gymboree, Walmart, Old Navy, Carters, Costco. Where ever there was cute, we found it. And purchased it.

First up…the dresses. These will be the most worn things in her closet. Guaranteed.

The dress on the left looks huge, but Molly picked it because it’s a twirly-whirly dress. Spin factor of 10!IMG_6258IMG_6266IMG_6271IMG_6272IMG_6267

Next up is skirts. These will get worn if all of the dresses are in the wash. Or I make her wear them.IMG_6257IMG_6279IMG_6282

Finally the shorts. Not a favorite for Molly, but some things just require that you wear shorts…despite the protests.IMG_6274

Ooooh, don’t forget the shoes!IMG_6283

Four bathing suits may seem excessive, but we are at the pool These will all be worn out by the end of the season.IMG_6337

And here is a picture of the bathing beauty who insisted that I take a picture of her in her favorite bathing suit and put it on the blog.IMG_6338Requesting bathing suit pics to be posted on the blog? At five?

Wow, the clothes may be the least of my worries when she gets older.

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