Thursday, June 16, 2011

Safety Camp

Each day this week at the crack of dawn (Okay, it was actually 9 AM, but that IS the crack of dawn for my gal), Molly attended Safety Camp. This was a program put on by our local Parks and Rec Department for the 4-6 year old crowd in order to teach them all about safety. Like you couldn’t figure that one out on your own.

Molly was thrilled that she got to attend. She started the countdown to Safety Camp at least a week before it started. Was she that excited to learn about how to be safe in her world? Was she so bored that anything would be better that staying home? Was she just plain eager to expand her mind and learn new things?

No, she was just ecstatic that she was going to attend Safety Camp with her best friend Mia.

Here she is on Day 1, waiting for Mia to arrive.IMG_3644

And here she is with Mia. IMG_3645Mia’s friend Alexa also joined in on the fun.

So everyday I would drop my baby off at 9 and return a few hours later to hear about all of the wonders of Safety Camp. I heard about the police department, the jail and the handcuffs. I heard about how to dial 9-1-1. I heard about the proper way to approach a dog. I even heard about how to sit properly in a car seat.

All of this learning really sparked the questions in Molly and every evening she would start in: “Mommy, what if I call 9-1-1 and no one answers? What if I forget our address? What if my car seat is broken and I can’t buckle the buckle right? Why do dogs bite people? Will Mia’s dog bite me? What if they put me in jail? What if they put you in jail? What if they put handcuffs on someone and can’t get them off? Why are sirens so loud? Have you ever been sprayed with pepper spray? Has Daddy ever been sprayed with pepper spray?”

This was a nightly event and Molly was relentless with the questions. It got so bad one night that I had to text Mia’s mom, Stacy, that “Molly keeps asking questions and won’t shut up!”

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that she asks questions and is eager to learn, but geesh! I was interrogated each.and.every.night!

On the final day of Safety Camp, the kids met at the fire station.IMG_3657

They learned all about the fire department, went through the smoke house simulator, toured the ambulance (yes, I got the full barrage of questions about each of these) and then got one final surprise….IMG_3662The police came and fitted each child with a brand new bike helmet!

Checking the strap and making the necessary adjustments.IMG_3666

And a high-five at the end!IMG_3667

A few parting pictures with the new bike helmet…

Standing on the fire truck.IMG_3671

And riding in the ambulance.IMG_3674

Let’s hope that with all you learned in Safety Camp that this will be your ONLY ride in an ambulance, sweet baby girl!

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