Monday, July 4, 2011

The Same Old Yankee Doodle Molly

For the past five years we have attended our local Independence Day Parade. Here in our small farm town, things don’t change much from year to year. Some years we sit on the other side of the street just to shake things up. We’re crazy like that. But all in all it’s the same ol’ parade. No matter which side of the street you chose to sit.

The only thing that made this year’s parade a little different was the feeling of knowing it was the last time we’d attend the parade in our fair town. Next year will be a new parade in a new town. I have to say, I got a little nostalgic. But then the same exact same parade that I have watched for five. straight. years. rolled through and I quickly got over it.

Talk about same…Molly’s 4th of July outfit from last year still fit so she is even wearing the same clothes as last year. And she’s sporting the same hairdo. With the same hair pretties!IMG_6378

Each parade starts with the waiting and looking.IMG_6382

With periodic moves into the street to see if the parade is coming yet.IMG_6386

There is always a bit of irritation and impatience.IMG_6390

But eventually the fun begins…..IMG_6391

….with the band that is too loud.IMG_6392

Molly always waves to the parade participants.IMG_6394

You routinely have some of these:IMG_6399

Along with a bunch of these:IMG_6400

Sprinkle in a few of these:IMG_6401

Hey wait…here’s something new! Molly’s friend Julianna was marching in the parade with her church group and sneaked over to say hi.IMG_6403

But then it was back to our regularly scheduled parade, which always ends with these bad boys. If you ask me, the farmers are just showing off.IMG_6413

Obligatory picture with Dad.IMG_6417

Obligatory picture with Mom.IMG_6418And that’s a wrap!

In the evening we attend fireworks. Since this is way past bedtime, Molly shows up bathed and in PJs.IMG_6425

And of course there is more waiting for things to start.IMG_6426

More obligatory pictures:IMG_6428IMG_6433

And then BOOM!IMG_6441

By the end of the evening, everyone is tuckered out, including Daddy.IMG_6473

Finally, the same old traditional bedtime story: Apple Pie 4th of July. IMG_6475And there you have it. Forth of July.  Again. Just like last year. And the year before. And the year before that.

Happy Birthday America!

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