Wednesday, July 6, 2011

House Hunting

I am the kind person who looks at 10 houses and picks one. Somehow on this house search, it didn’t go exactly as planned. I looked at a few more than ten. Thirty-eight more to be exact.

Yep, when I finally found the house, it was the 48th house I toured. Yikes! God Bless my realtor. It really was a chore. The good news is that I adore our new house. It’s perfect. Well, as perfect as you can get when you are buying an existing house.

I’m sure that I will post more about the house in the future but for now, here are some pictures from our days on the hunt for the perfect house.

This house got top numbers by Molly. Any guesses why?IMG_3735Yep, it was painted bright pink. She LOVED this house. Me? Not so much.

The house we finally decided upon also has a pink room. It was a win-win for the all of us.

Here’s my realtor faxing our offer to the seller’s realtor. We had a signed deal a few hours later. That was fast!IMG_3738

After having our contract accepted, Molly and I celebrated at a local ice cream place.Dad went to work. Poor Dad.

Molly loved this place because in addition to ice cream, they had kiddie rides. For $.50 you could bob up and down for about a minute. How that is considered fun is beyond me. Must be a 5-year-old thing.IMG_3739

Looks like she got a thing for The Cat in the Hat.IMG_3742

Clifford was another favorite.IMG_3744

Once we found a house, I called the school district inquiring about schools. We stopped by Molly’s new school and the principal just happened to be outside. In the middle of summer. When school was out of session. Imagine our luck.

She invited us inside and gave us the grand tour. She also captured Molly’s heart. IMG_3745

Molly is so excited to start school here. Let’s see how excited she is come September!IMG_3746

The school was built in the early 1900’s but has been completely renovated. Very cute and school-y looking inside and out.IMG_3747

We signed the contract on the new house without Tony even seeing it. The day after we signed, he finally got a tour of the place. Good thing he approved!

Molly enjoyed playing with the current owners’ toys. IMG_3777

I don’t feel comfortable posting pictures of someone else’s house, so I won’t give you the full tour until it becomes our house.

Here’s a sneak peek…we are standing in the foyer. Hope to see a lot of pictures from this location in the near future!  IMG_3809Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly with the closing on our current house and our new house.

Who am I kidding. It won’t go smoothly. Let’s just hope we close!

I am sooooo ready to get off of this house selling/hunting crazy train!

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