Sunday, July 17, 2011

It’s a Playgroup Luau!

Get all of your best friends together. Throw in some games and crafts. Add some fun food and drinks. Finish it off with a couple hours of pool time…That’s about as good as life gets, if you ask Molly!

This playgroup get together was one of Molly’s all time favorites. It truly encompassed all of Molly’s most loved activities and she thoroughly enjoyed every single minute.

I did too. I really should have been home preparing for the impending move. There is very little in my house that has even been packed and I have a to do list that is a mile long, but oooooh, it felt so good to just sit back and relax. I forgot all about the stress of the moment and just had fun again. The move has really sucked a lot of those moments away from us this summer.

Here are just a few of the highlights of the day.

My friend Kim and her older daughter Ashley lead the kids in a couple of games.IMG_3830

Molly and Mia whispering to each other when they are supposed to be listening to instructions. Is this foreshadowing what is to come in school this fall? IMG_3833

Craft time: Decorating flip flops.IMG_3834

Molly and Mia pose with their projects.IMG_3836

The girls enjoy some tropical luau drinks before hitting the pool.IMG_3839

Aaaah, Molly’s favorite summertime activity. The kid is part fish….or as she would say, “Part Mermaid. Ya know, like Ariel.” The princess thing NEVER ends.IMG_3841

Best buddies give each other a pool hug.IMG_3842

The whole gang in the drink.IMG_3843

Do you think these two have posed for a few pictures in their lives?IMG_3844

Molly going off the diving board. When did she grow up? Wasn’t she a baby just a few months ago? Sure seems like it!IMG_3848

The look of joy on her face says it all!IMG_3850Hope your summer is going along swimmingly!

Ho hum. Now back to reality. Anybody have any spare moving boxes?

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