Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bowling for Christmas

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a trip to the bowling alley, right? C’mon. Rolling balls, crashing pins and that neat ball return thingy. What else elicits the true feeling of Christmas. That’s why they put bowling scenes on so many Christmas Cards.

Imagine our excitement when we learned that Molly’s China Friends were having their holiday get-together at the local lanes!

Seriously, it was a lot of fun. The kids love to bowl. The lanes serve pizza and fruit punch. Pair that with some of your best buds and it’s a party by any standard.

Here’s the pictorial of the festivities.

Molly, a proficient Wii bowler, is confident that she can translate those skills to the wood.IMG_0431

Sam eagerly waits to see if Molly converts her split.IMG_0432

Good Job, Sis!IMG_0433

Sam Qiao: Master of the ball return. He made sure that everyone’s ball was ready and available.Such a gentleman.IMG_0435

Bowling Stud.IMG_0436

Sam even offers Alex some bowling advice. “Okay Alex, when you get to this line, throw the ball!”IMG_0438

After the kids bowled for a while, it was time to eat. But not before a group picture. Like I always say, LOVE THOSE GIRLS!IMG_0451

Bowling alley pizza. Yum. Sort of.IMG_0455

Sam gives it his trademark wink and a thumbs up.IMG_0457

After lunch, there was time to bowl a few more frames.IMG_0461

And hang out with friends (who aren’t looking at the camera). IMG_0463

Sam just couldn’t get enough of Staci. Luckily, she was a good sport about Sam’s fondness.IMG_0464

What party would be complete without a gift exchange. Molly drew the number 3 for the gift exchange so was early in the picking process. She chose one of the biggest bags. Because bigger is always better when you are six.IMG_0465

Molly  with her loot.IMG_0467

Sam with his.IMG_0468

Molly picked Faith’s gift and she was eager to see if Molly liked it. IMG_0471It’s glittery, sparkly, and girly. Of course she like it!

Hope your Christmas brings you happiness and joy to SPARE.

Sorry, I could help myself.

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