Saturday, December 8, 2012

2012 Saint Nicholas Party

This is our second year to attend this special event. I have this dear friend, Susanne, who is from Germany. She has lots of traditions that she likes to incorporate into her family’s life here in America. Lucky for us, some of those traditions are parties, in which we are invited to attend!

Molly was absolutely awestruck at last year’s party. And although Saint Nicholas wasn’t a surprise for her this year, she was still completely invested in it. Sam was thrilled beyond belief.(Okay, Sam is thrilled about going to the grocery store or picking Molly up from school or eating breakfast. He’s just that kind of kid. But he was over the top with this party!)

First up was making these adorable reindeer hats.IMG_0299

Seriously, can it get any cuter than this?IMG_0303

Then it was time for a story. This year it was The Polar Express.IMG_0305

Finally, a knock at the door, and the moment the kids had all been waiting for….the arrival of Saint Nicholas.IMG_0308I mean, how cool is that? Saint Nicholas shows up in the flesh! At the party!

Saint Nicholas called each child up one by one and told them specifically why he was proud of them.IMG_0312

Saint Nicholas was proud that Molly was a great big sister, playing with her brother and teaching him so many new things.IMG_0318

He then gave her a special gift.IMG_0319

Next it was Sam’s turn. Saint Nicholas was proud that Sam was so brave as he got a new family, a new country and endured two major surgeries.IMG_0321

Sam got a special gift, as well.IMG_0322

Soon it was time for Saint Nicholas to leave…IMG_0327

…and for the kids to open their presents.IMG_0329

Sam got a Thomas train. That St. Nick is one smart cookie.IMG_0333


Molly got a glitter messenger bag. She adored it.IMG_0332

After all of the excitement, we all sat down to a dinner of “Eatball Soup.” It was actually wedding soup, but several years ago, one of the kids dubbed it Eatball Soup and the name kind of stuck.

Either way it was delicious, made with veal meatballs. Ummm, hello? Veal meatballs? Seriously yummy. Don’t hate me for loving veal.

The adults wound down with some fun conversation. While the kids wound down with a nice Christmas movie. On top of Michael.IMG_0337What a wonderful memory for the kids. And what a relaxing evening for us adults, as well. Thanks, Susanne and Michael. You’re the best!

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