Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gingerbread Houses 2011

Your read that correctly. 2011. Because I bought these Gingerbread House Kits last year.

My original plan was for Molly to have her pal Max over to make these last Christmas. But China had other plans, and I ended up half way around the world last Christmas.

The gingerbread houses sat unopened in the corner of my dining room for a year. That’s right. I didn’t move them for an entire year. Except to vacuum.

I considered making gingerbread houses for Valentines Day. But February 14th came and went. Then I contemplated doing them for Easter, but that day came and went as well. I thought it would be kind of comical to do them in the middle of summer, but  well, you know.

So when this Christmas rolled around again I thought: Hey, now I have two kids. And two gingerbread houses! It doesn’t matter that they are a year old. I’ll just tell my two little cherubs that that candy is old and not to eat it. That should work. No sweat. It’s all good!

The gingerbread houses were unboxed, craft paper covered the table, instructions on not to eat the candy were given and we were good to go.IMG_0513

Typically I am the kind of person that wants to control an activity like this: We must pick a design and work carefully to ensure the design is implemented to perfection.

I can be a wee bit anal.

This year, I turned over a new leaf and decided to let the kids just go for it. I would sit back and only offer help when it was requested and only do what was requested. Nothing more.

It was liberating!

Here’s Sam, deep in concentration, working on his roof.IMG_0518

And the same goes for Molly.IMG_0522

Next, Molly comes over and tries to get Sam to eat some of the year-old candy.IMG_0528

And here is Sam complying with her request.IMG_0531

I’m not sure if Molly is laughing because he actually did it, or because she realized that he didn’t die from the experience and now she could also eat the year-old candy, too.IMG_0529

I didn’t have to worry about micro-managing this project because I had an able assistant who was more than willing to jump in and dictate how things were to be done.IMG_0532

Done giving directions to her brother, Molly moves on to her own house.IMG_0533

Sam, still eating candy. Ugh.IMG_0536

The front of Sam’s house, dictated by Molly completed with Molly’s help.IMG_0537

The side of the house, an original Sam creation.IMG_0538

The back, also a Sam original. IMG_0539I actually love the random piece of purple and white striped candy. Amazing what happens when you give up control!

The front of Molly’s house. Striking how much it looks like Sam’s. IMG_0541

And the side…IMG_0542

And finally the back. IMG_0543So cute!

Showing off  their houses.IMG_0550

And giving the trademark thumbs up.IMG_0552

All’s well that ends well.

I gave up control, Molly jumped in to fill my shoes, and no one died from eating year-old candy. It was a win-win for everyone!

Oh, and I no longer have to Gingerbread House Kits sitting on my dining room floor. It’s the magic of Christmas, folks!

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