Saturday, December 22, 2012

Another Day, Another Chance to Party

But this time, it’s wasn’t a Christmas Party. Molly’s friend and bus stop buddy, Ryan, celebrated his 7th birthday. Molly was thrilled to attend. She’s always up for a good party.

Ryan’s celebration was at a local bouncy/inflatable place, that provided a few hours of air-filled fun!

First up was Plant the Flag where you must run as high as you can, up a steep ramp and attempt to attach your flag before….IMG_0484

…..gravity takes over and you slide back down. IMG_0485This was way harder than it looked, but the kids never gave up worked their way higher and higher up the ramp each time.

Next Molly moved to the giant slide.IMG_0486Hmmmm, I’m going out on a limb here, but by the look of her face I am going to guess that Molly had fun doing this.

And of course there were plenty of bouncy opportunities with the multiple bounce houses.IMG_0488


Things got really fun when they gave the kids glow necklaces and turned on the black lights!IMG_0491

Group shot, a birthday party must.IMG_0498

Boy parties are relatively new to Molly. She’s used to girly-girl parties complete with princesses and frills.One look at this cake and you know your not in Kanas anymore!IMG_0499If you are a boy, you have got to think that this is just about the coolest cake around.

Here’s the birthday boy, Ryan.IMG_0501

Watching Ryan blow out his candles.IMG_0505

Molly eating her cake. It almost looks like she’s not enjoying it.IMG_0506

No worries. The cake meets her sugar-high standards.IMG_0507

Time for opening gifts. Molly, patiently waiting for her gift to be opened.IMG_0510

Finally, her turn up front to watch Ryan open her gift.IMG_0511

Happy 7th Birthday, Ryan!IMG_0512

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