Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmastime is Party Time!

Oh, how I love our Families With Children From China group. I adore them so much that I just can’t seem to make the break from them. You see, they are in our previous hometown--two hours away. Our new hometown has a FCC group and perhaps I should make the switch to a new group. But I can’t.

In my honest opinion, the old hometown has one of the best FCC’s in the country.We have a very large group of dedicated families. We have tons of great activities throughout the year and we offer Chinese heritage classes (Mandarin, martial arts, Chinese dance, Chinese calligraphy) that are second to none. Really.

So almost every Saturday, we load up the van with snacks, DVDs and Mandarin homework assignments and make the four hour round-trip trek to participate.

This week was our annual FCC Christmas Party. The kids were so excited to get dressed up and see all of their friends. Well at least Molly was. Sam’s a boy. He doesn’t care what he wears or who he sees. But he was thrilled about going to the party.

Each year at Christmas, our group has a special candle lighting ceremony to honor all of the new kids that have come home from China during that year. That means that we got to honor Sam this time!IMG_0111How exciting it was to see Sam’s cute little face on the big screens and join all of the other families up on stage.

Our little family, finally complete. Unless….haha, no plans to grow our family any bigger. But with all of the cute little kids around, it’s tempting!IMG_0113

All the new arrivals with their forever families. Beautiful. IMG_0117

Another tradition at the party is the visit from the man in red. And our Santa rocks! He always does an awesome job with the kids. And it saves me from having to go to the mall and wait with all of the little brats cherubs, in a line that stretches from Macy’s to JC Penny.

Sam was a bit tentative during his first visit, so I sat with him. He gave Santa a high five, and all was good.IMG_0118

Look how happy he is…IMG_0120

Until I left.IMG_0124

Here is Sam’s fiancé Audrey and her mom, Christine. Sweet little Audrey was a little shy around the big guy in red, as well.IMG_0126Is she not the cutest thing ever. I am sure that she and Sam will have a long happy life together.

Sam got a lot more cheerful when Molly joined in on the Santa visit.IMG_0134

Molly telling Santa what she wanted for Christmas. She only asked for an Inkadoo so it was kind of a short chat.IMG_0138
Next, Mia joined in because what is cuter than two adorable best friends sitting with Santa.IMG_0145

The party also had lots of fun games for the kids. I didn’t get pictures of that because I was too busy talking with my friends helping out to take pictures. But trust me, they were fun. I think. And I am sure—well at least pretty sure--that my kids participated.

Molly and Sam playing around the Christmas tree.IMG_0149

Megan is Mia’s older sister and she totally loves Sam. She calls him her little brother. And as you can see, he loves her, too. How could I leave all of this, I ask you? The answer is: I CAN’T!IMG_0152

Molly and Mia making a holiday craft.IMG_0164I did stop socializing long enough to get pictures of this.

Big sis Megan helps Sam with his craft.IMG_0166

The girls hard at work with their coloring. Mia stops to check out Molly’s work.IMG_0167Love that little Meezers.

Sam couldn’t be left out on anything. He is my boy on the go!IMG_0168

You can pretty much count on seeing me back at this Christmas Party (and other FCC events) for years to come. Worth every minute on the road!

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