Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday This and That

Some random happenings around the holiday….

Sam shows off his Frosty foam craft that we hung on the refrigerator.  IMG_0429He was so proud to have something he made hanging on display.

The top Frosty foam craft is one that Molly assembled. She completed it earlier in the week and stuck it on the fridge.IMG_0430Sam did his project a few days later. He wanted his to look just like Molly’s. He kept running between the refrigerator and the table where he was working to make sure everything was in the right place. So stinkin’ cute. I think he did an outstanding job!

Sam is a trooper when it comes to the holidays. He happily accompanies me while I do the Christmas shopping and run errands. He never whines, complains or makes things difficult. Never. He does have his limits, though.

When we came home from a recent marathon shopping trip, I began to put away the day’s purchases . After a few minutes I realized that  the house had grown very quiet. Not always a good sign with an almost three-year-old.

When I peeked into the family room, this is what I saw. IMG_0473Fast asleep, sitting up, with his shoes still on! Love that boy!

Molly had her classroom Christmas Party yesterday, and like a good mother I couldn’t wait to go and take pictures volunteer. IMG_0474I was so busy helping out that I only got the picture above and the one below. IMG_0475Neither of them with her looking at the camera. Sigh.

She did agree to pose for a picture once we got home…IMG_0476…as long as she could do it from the dryer. Silly girl!

And finally today was pajama day at school. Molly, of course, was ecstatic! She was even up and dressed (in a fresh pair of PJs) before I could go in her room to get her up.IMG_0477If you know Molly and how she loves her some sleep, you’d know that this was a true Christmas miracle.

And yes, my photographic skills are so poor that it looks like she has a festive Christmas decoration growing out of her head. My sister (the professional photographer) would be ashamed.

Sam saw Molly having her PJ picture taken and wanted in on the action.IMG_0480Here he is with a Christmas stocking growing out of his head. (Sigh, again.)

More Christmas posts to come. Stay tuned!

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