Saturday, September 3, 2011

Back Dated Blog Posts

I back dated several blogs from events that fell during my blogging hiatus (during the big move). I didn’t want to let these events go unmentioned so I wrote them and slipped them back in the order in which they occurred.

Now it’s kinda like I was superwoman and had time to blog and make a major move at the same time. When I really wasn’t. But it looks like I was, and that’s what counts.

Click on the links below to catch up on all the stuff I neglected to post.

My Little Fashionista

The Same Old Yankee Doodle Molly

House Hunting

Sprinkler Fun

It's a Playgroup Luau

Also, don’t forget to scroll down to read Molly’s Back-to-School blogs that were posted earlier this week!

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