Friday, September 16, 2011

Mom! Take My Picture!

To say that we have been busy over the past few months would be an understatement. With the move (which is still kicking my butt), the start of Kindergarten, updating our home study for baby brother’s adoption and the million other things that must get done in life, I have been a bit neglectful when it comes to taking pictures.

Molly has noticed and I think that it bothers her that there might be a millisecond of her life that doesn’t get recorded by a camera. Her new mantra is, “Mom! Take my picture!”

Molly’s idea of a photo-op and mine are a bit different. I typically capture her doing things. Events. You know, Molly at the Zoo, Molly at Playgroup, Molly at a Birthday Party, Molly Going to School.

Molly is more interested in pictures of nothing. Well, not nothing but not anything in particular. For example….

Molly discovered if she twirled around in this dress while sitting down it forms a circle around her body. To a five-year-old that is something that simply must be photographed.(And then be repeated about 500 times, showing anyone who will look in her direction.)IMG_3956

Or when you figure out how to take the sheer window curtain that Mom took down and turn it into the world’s longest wedding veil, you definitely need a picture of that, right?IMG_3957

Cuddling up in Mom and Dad’s comforter while Mom is making the bed is certainly something you want to remember for the rest of your life…IMG_3958

And then there’s the ever popular “Take a picture of my picture, Mom!” I have taken pictures of artwork before…mostly stuff that was going to be given to someone. Somehow Molly has got the notion that I need to take a picture of every. single. thing. she. draws. Seriously.

Here’s Snow White with 5 of the 7 Dwarfs.IMG_3950

The take my picture thing is not limited to still photography. Oh, no. The other day I gave her a piece of bubble wrap from a packing box. My thought was that she would pop it and that would be that.

Nope. She grabs a spoon and a butter knife from the silverware drawer and tells me to get the camcorder ready. Here is the result:

Now that’s entertainment right there, folks. Couldn't have made it through childhood without capturing Molly’s “Laughing Music.”

So there you have it. A taste of what Molly thinks is picture-worthy. And I guess she is right. The small little moments are just as important to remember as the bigger ones. Leave it to a kid to teach you something important.


We now return to your regularly scheduled update….

Last week Mandarin Class started up again. Since the Families With Children From China group here in our new city doesn’t offer this, I decided that it would be advantageous for us to drive 2 hours (each way!) to attend Mandarin in our old city.

That’s four hours in the car for a one hour class. Four hours of “Are we there yet?” and “Are we home yet?” for one hour of Mandarin instruction. What was I thinking?

What I was thinking is that Molly would have to opportunity to see her China friends twice a month. And get Mandarin instruction to boot. I may regret this after making 18 round trips this year, but the next few pictures made the first trip worth every single  minute we spent in the car.

After class we asked the girls where they wanted to go for lunch. They held hands, jumped up and down and screamed in unison: “NOODLES!”IMG_3953

Getting ready to shop at the warehouse store before returning home.IMG_3954The girls loved being together and we loved seeing them loving being together. Did you get  that?

Back at home Molly and I found a new park. Molly is a park-aholic and we have be struggling to find a decent park close to our new house. It took some work, but we finally found a winner. IMG_3960IMG_3963IMG_3965IMG_3970We visited our new park every single day this week.

Told ya, my gal is a park-aholic…and I  am her best enabler!

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