Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let’s Go Shopping!

This was the most pathetic shopping event of Molly’s life. I wanted to buy her more. Lots more. Believe me I did. I love to shop for Molly. Molly loves to shop for Molly. But we still ended up with a pathetic haul when we got home.

The only person who was happy about all of this was dad, because he see clothes as dollar signs, whereas Molly and I see them as wonderful little chances to get excited every single day of the season.

The stores were full of cute little outfits but our shopping spree only netted 5 dresses, 2 pairs of leggings, 2 shirts, a hoodie and a sweater. That’s it. For the entire fall/winter season.

“Why?” you ask. It’s tragic, really. Kind of a perfect storm scenario. Lots of Molly’s clothes from last year still fit. Lots.

Lots of Molly’s summer dresses can be transformed to winter dresses simply by pairing them with shirts and leggings. Lots.

And finally lots of money was spent on the house, and the move, and the adoption. Lots, and lots and lots.

Spending money on necessities is fine but spending recklessly on indulgences is not really in the budget.

So here are the sad, few, meager purchases that we made this year.

Dresses: Must have the spinabilitiy factor to even be considered.IMG_6587

Molly wanted to get in on the photo session so plopped herself right into this picture. No worries, there will be more of her to come later in the post.IMG_6590

Utilitarian pieces for layering.IMG_6591

The next two dresses have a spin factor of 10!IMG_6592IMG_6593

This fleece hoodie was too cute for words. It was the last one left so I had to buy it 2 sizes too big. You’ll probably see it a lot over the next few years.IMG_6594

Thank God for small favors. Even though her body didn’t grow much, Molly’s feet did. At least we could go just a little crazy on shoes. If you call four pair crazy.

If you can’t see detail, the pair of shoes next to the boots are sequin covered tennis shoes. Very sparkly. IMG_6595

Molly finally outgrew her Size 3 coats so  new heavy and light weight coats made the cut. If we would have moved to Florida--like I wanted--we could have skipped these. Just sayin’.IMG_6596

This is Molly’s absolute favorite dress. She wore it to school the day we bought it (although she did wear different shoes). IMG_6597Molly judges every dress by how much it pulls out. You know, like a princess. Dresses that pull out a lot have maximum spin factor, as she will now demonstrate.

The wind up.IMG_6598

Half way through the rotation…IMG_6599

Full spin on the skirt. Now that’s what Molly is talkin’ about right there.IMG_6601

Acting like a ballerina. IMG_6697

Thanks for hanging in there for yet another post about clothes. I keep this blog as a scrapbook for Molly. If I take pictures of the clothes and post them, it makes them easier to give up when she outgrows them. Otherwise I ‘d have boxes and boxes of clothes that I would have difficulty parting with.

Why is it that everything your kid wears, or draws, or colors, or writes, or whatever, becomes a memory that you want to hold onto forever?

Oh, by the way, I did pick up a little something for myself…IMG_3973

The bus stop momma rain slicker available at Amaz0n for $12.95. Stylish, yet practical, don’t you think? Okay, maybe it’s not stylish, but it’s a necessity when you have to wait at the bus stop on rainy days!

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