Monday, October 11, 2010

Woo Hoo! Look Who Learned to Tie Her Shoes!

Oh, yes she did! And in her usual Molly (I’ll do it) style, as well.

Molly got spiffy new sneakers that she l-o-v-e loves.  The only problem with them is that they lace up. That means I have to help her each and every time she wants to wear them. That will just not do for my strong-willed determined child.

She told me that she was going to tie them herself. I offered to teach her how. Nope. She didn’t want any of that.

After several failed attempts, she grudgingly agree to watch me tie my shoes. Once. And I could not talk. Because that would mean that I helped. So I tied, she watched. Then off she went to try again.

And dang, if she didn’t do it! I even made her repeat it twice. Once, so I could see it. And once more so that I could take pictures for all of you.

So here you go… Molly tying her shoes.

Cross the laces over.IMG_3554

Pull the laces tight.IMG_3555

Make the the loop and swing the other lace around and under.IMG_3556

Pull the loops tight and…IMG_3557

SHE DID IT!    IMG_3551

Good thing that she is so stubborn and taught herself this skill because I didn’t even really know how to teach her. Ya know that whole rabbit goes into the hole thing? No clue how that goes. Lucky for me,  my daughter is a genius.

Kinda makes me look bad though!

Congratulations, my big girl!


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